Katy Perry Discusses Remarrying And Role Model Status

Katy Perry may have witnessed the destruction of her marriage to Russell Brand over a very short period of time but that does not mean she isn’t willing to marry again.

The superstar singer recently sat down with Elle magazine and revealed that she hasn’t ruled out another round of “I Do’s” in her future.

When asked to describe her connection between marriage and love Perry said:

“I’m a woman who likes to be courted – strongly. Never say never, I guess you’d say. I’ll let love take the lead on that.”

Perry was married to Russell Brand for just 12 months before filing under the standard “irreconcilable differences.” Brand and Perry watched their divorce become finalized in mid-2012.

Katy admits that she has “no regrets” about her decision to marry Russell and she says ultimately her fans shouldn’t follow in her footsteps but make their own decisions in life.

“I’m not going to be everything to everyone. I can’t tell a person when it’s time for them to have sex. Or if they should have a cigarette…But I try to live my life with a lot of integrity, and, hopefully, that sends a message.”

Perry was closed off about her marriage and divorce for a while but has recently opened up a little bit more about her failed attempted at love. Brand and Perry for the most part have remained cordial towards one another.

You can learn all about Katy Perry’s views on love, marriage and her fans by picking up the issue of Elle which hits newsstands on Aug. 14.