Casper Smart, J. Lo’s Boyfriend, Spotted At Gay Peepshow

Casper Smart is pop singer and former “American Idol” judge Jennifer Lopez’s latest squeeze, a man who has been fighting rumors about his sexuality since the two became a couple. If he was hoping to keep these allegations at bay, then he might want to avoid heading into gay peepshows in the near future. According to Radar Online, Smart was allegedly spotted entering such an establishment a day before his girlfriend’s 43rd birthday.

“This is a gay cruising spot,” one regular explained to an undercover Star reporter. “You go into the booths, then you get all kind of tapping on the wall and propositions. It’s like zombies.”

People immediately began speculating that, perhaps, Smart was stopping in to grab a gift for Lopez at the business’ gift shop. However, the dancer was spotted leaving the peepshow sans gifts, packages, or bags. In fact, witnesses have stated that Smart never entered the gift shop at all.

Not surprisingly, the couple has already begun fighting back against the rumors. According to TMZ, Lopez’s attorneys have issued stern warnings to both In Touch and Star Magazine for the reports, stating that such allegations are “false, malicious and defamatory”, which may cause “immense damage” to their relationship and their respective careers. Additionally, lawyers are asking that both magazines issue a full retraction.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Smart and Lopez have had to deal with questions regarding the dancer’s sexuality. In June, Joshua Lee Ayers claimed that Smart’s relationship with Jenny from the block is nothing but a sham, and that he’s simply using Lopez’s celebrity status to snatch a little bit of fame for himself.

“Casper is not gay,” a representative for the couple said at the time. “These comment are born from envy and jealousy. It must be a slow news day.”