Stassi Schroeder No Longer Wants Children: What This ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Is Up To

Stassi Schroeder made her return to Vanderpump Rules this season and she wasn’t exactly welcomed by her former friends. Some of her friends were not exactly pleased that she would return to the show and expect to fix all of the issues she left behind when she suddenly quit SUR and moved across the country. But for Stassi, it was important to right her wrongs, including making peace with her former friend, Katie Maloney. And while Schroeder may be friends with Katie again, it sounds like things are not as good in her private life. According to a new tweet, Stassi Schroeder is now revealing that she may be dropping the idea of having children altogether.

“I no longer want children. Chrissy Teigen ruined that for me. That level of pregnancy hotness just isn’t in the cards for me,” Stassi revealed in a tweet, a comment that could be made in a sarcastic tone. And it sounds like her followers completely split on the comment.

“Good old Stassi, shallow as ever. Chrissy is only thinking of her blessing, not her looks. Not in her league,” one person wrote, while another added, “her and Blake lively should just be pregnant always. So gorgeous.” A third person chimed in, “you could be pregnant, no makeup on and just rolled out of bed and you would STILL be flawlessly gorgeous.”

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When Stassi Schroeder moved back to Los Angeles with Patrick Meagher, she found a place with an extra room. While he had hoped it would be an office, Stassi hinted that it could be a nursery down the road. As it turns out, it didn’t take long for the couple to experience some troubles in the relationship. And these days, it sounds like Schroeder has completely let go of the thought of having children altogether. While she hasn’t revealed the status of her relationship with Patrick these days, it’s no secret that Stassi was stressed out and confused about her love life on Vanderpump Rules.

“There’s a lot of s**t going on in my life, especially with Patrick,” Schroeder revealed to Kristen Doute on Vanderpump Rules, adding, “We went from a long distance relationship to living with each other for a while in New York to then living with each in L.A. It was like we went from 0 to old married couple over night.”

Patrick had no interest in being on Vanderpump Rules, and he never filmed with Stassi Schroeder for the show. And yet, she felt that she was too dependent on him, especially since she moved to New York to be with him and then back to California. Once they got back to California, things went sour and the two took some time to reflect on what they really wanted. And Schroeder shared her feelings on Vanderpump Rules.

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“I feel like I was co-dependent a little bit on Patrick, and I just don’t feel like fighting anymore with anyone,” Schroeder explained, adding, “For two years I’ve invested so much in Patrick that now I’m realizing that I’ve compromised a lot of friendships and I’ve handled things poorly, but I don’t think it’s completely my fault.”

It is very possible that she will give an update on the reunion special, which airs tonight on Bravo. But since Meagher wasn’t a part of Vanderpump Rules, it is possible that Stassi Schroeder will respect his privacy and leave him out of the show, even if Andy Cohen asks her about it.

What do you think of Stassi Schroeder’s decision to possibly skip out on having children? Do you think she would be a good mother?

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