Gigi Hadid: Why Her Instagram Pic With Zayn Malik Is Being Misunderstood

Gigi Hadid is going through some really hard time. Even as she posted a happy picture of herself with Zayn Malik planting a cute kiss on her cheek, the caption revealed something contrary. It looked like Gigi's cat had passed away and she had posted a memorable picture of the feline with Zayn Malik, her boyfriend. The photo said: ":( we love you always chub????????????"

The supermodel also posted a picture of a pair of cats on her twitter account. She captioned the picture: "Brothaas." It surely did seem like Gigi was missing her favorite kitten more than one would imagine. And it was also pretty obvious that Gigi was still head over heels for Zayn Malik. The picture showed the former One Direction singer kissing Hadid. Of course, Malik likes Gigi's Chub. Gigi had posted a picture of Zayn a month ago, where the singer was hugging the cat as he lazed around.
The couple have been dating since 2015, and Hadid appeared in Zayn Malik's music video for "Pillowtalk," the first single from his album Mind of Mine, People had reported. Zayn Malik had said that it was easier for him to romance his real girlfriend in the video. He confessed that he and Gigi had a lot of fun on the set. "No one easier to make out with than your own girlfriend, right?," the host asked him. And Zayn couldn't have agreed more. "Exactly," he quipped.
Gigi Hadid and her boyfriend never fail to make news, no matter what. Gigi is a high flying model and keeps busy. And while Gigi is busy walking the ramp, her singer boyfriend goes around the world making music. It's clear that it's hard for the couple to spend a lot of quality time together. But the two somehow try to make it work. After all, love makes all things possible! The singer clearly misses Gigi a lot, that's why he made sure he flew down to see Hadid while she was walking the ramp in Milan, the Inquisitr reported.
However, just like any other couple, the couple also have their fair share of relationship issues. It was said that Zayn is a bit too possessive about Gigi Hadid, the pretty supermodel. OK! had said he keeps her under curfew. The source says "He wants her to be back in her hotel room by midnight when they're apart." However, when it comes to Zayn, he takes liberty with what time he wants to come back to his hotel. Another source has said that it's surprising that Zayn said something like that, considering he is not exactly a saint. "This is a bold move by Zayn because he's not exactly a saint," said the insider, "but it shows how controlling and insecure he is about Gigi."The sources have also said that the couple might just have trust issues. Especially Gigi's boyfriend, who is not doesn't really trust Gigi Hadid. "Zayn doesn't trust [Gigi Hadid], but he would never admit it," the source said. The sources also say that he probably plays with Gigi's mind and makes sure he is the last person she speaks to when she goes to bed. "Instead he's playing with her mind by telling her he wants to be the last person she speaks to when she goes to bed. This might sound romantic, but his ulterior motive is keeping tabs on her when she's out of town." Loving or possessiveness?However, it seems like Gigi Hadid and her boyfriend are more serious than ever, a source told E! News. How long do you think Gigi Hadid will stick around with Zayn Malik?

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/ Getty Images]