'Red Queen' Movie Cast: Mare Played By Chloe Lukasiak, Adelaide Kane In Film Adaptation?

Precious Del Valle

Dance Moms alum Chloe Lukasiak has recently opened up about her love for Victoria Aveyard's YA fantasy novel Red Queen. Now that the movie adaptation is reportedly in development, with Elizabeth Banks rumored to direct, will the 14-year-old dancer be given the opportunity to play as the female lead Mare?

On her YouTube channel, Chloe gushed about the Red Queen book, even picking it up as her book of choice for the month of February. The former Dance Moms star even showed the fans her own hard bound copy.

"This, no joke, is seriously my new favorite book. It is so good! I actually read it in a day."

Chloe Lukasiak later revealed that it is actually her mom, Christi, who encouraged her to read Red Queen. The dancer shared that she did not jump into it right away, thinking that it was somewhat related to Alice in Wonderland.

After finishing the book in a day, Chloe declared Red Queen as her favorite book of all time. She also compared it to The Selection by Kiera Cass, another series she enjoyed but held that she liked Red Queen more as it is more action packed.

"Its just a variety of things. It's so much fun. I was really sucked into the story."

"She's so cool and I just wanna be her. Can I jump into this book and be this character?"

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the author of the Red Queen trilogy, Victoria Aveyard, shared that she just had a lot of fun writing about such a selfish character. She explained that Mare is not afraid to make bad choices, which makes her more relatable

"It's definitely a little bit of wish fulfillment to have these characters in these situations where one person can actually go out and change things. It's definitely what we wish would happen in the real world."

In 2013, Victoria Aveyard sold the movie rights of Red Queen to Universal Pictures with Breaking Bad's Gennifer Hutchinson to write the screenplay. Speaking to Publishers Weekly, Aveyard shared that she was actually happy that another writer has been asked to do the screenplay for Red Queen. She added that having someone Hutchinson come on board is a dream come true.

"I'm so close to the work that I wouldn't have been able to do it justice. The screenwriter is going to have to be able to cut things and switch things around so if it had been left up to me, I would have had a 200-page screenplay," she explained.

Elizabeth Banks, Pitch Perfect director and The Hunger Games' Effie Trinket, is reportedly in talks to do the movie adaptation. News about the cast, however, remains scarce. Fans of the Red Queen have different actresses in mind to play 17-year-old Mare, including Adelaide Kane, Freya Tingley, and Rhiannon Fish, among others.

"Mare and Maven are 17, Cal is 19, and they've all led relatively sheltered lives in their own separate bubbles. All three could kill you with a single hand, but they're just as unsure of themselves and just as lost as any teenager."

Who do you think will be perfect to play the role of Mare in the Red Queen movie adaptation? Tell us in the comments below.

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