WWE Rumors: Injured Main Event Star Teases He Will Be At ‘WrestleMania 32’

When it comes to WrestleMania 32, WWE is doing anything and everything to make it one of the biggest events ever. There have been some big returns, legends will be appearing, and there are even more surprises yet to come. One superstar is definitely not going to be wrestling at the biggest event of the year, but he keeps teasing that something is coming from him. Is John Cena still going to be a part of this year’s WrestleMania?

Cena has been working out hard, keeping fans updated on his Twitter and even keeping them involved on his rehab. He’s doing everything he possibly can to get back from injury and the surgery he had performed in late January.

His shoulder injury is going to keep him out of the ring for a match at WrestleMania 32, and that was confirmed by Fox Sports earlier this month. Yes, his rehab is going well, but it just isn’t worth risking further injury to Cena by having him wrestle again so soon.

wwe rumors john cena injured wrestlemania 32 return [Image via WWE]Now, just because he won’t be wrestling at the big event in early April doesn’t mean that he won’t be there at all. It is hard to think that WWE will go without having him show up at all at WrestleMania 32.

He’s even teasing it.

WWE could have him appear to the crowd and do a promo on his own about returning to the ring and rehabbing to get back as quickly as possible. Maybe they will have him interact in a promo with The Rock, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin or one of the other legends confirmed to appear at the PPV.

Chances are highly unlikely that Cena won’t be there at all. Even if it is in a backstage segment of some type, the guy is going to be at WrestleMania 32. There will be no need to grab him by his shirt-collar and drag him.

wwe rumors john cena injured wrestlemania 32 return [Image via WWE]
John Cena probably really does hate that he won’t be able to wrestle at WrestleMania 32, and it’s obvious in the way he has talked about the news on Twitter. Even on the day that he revealed he wouldn’t be an active competitor at the big event, he was still staying positive.

Right before he had to go out, John Cena was involved in a feud with Alberto Del Rio over the United States title. This was right after Cena had returned from a lengthy absence where he was filming a new reality show. He returned briefly before being out yet again.

He turned over the feud to Kalisto, who went on to win the U.S. Title twice since then and is defending it against Ryback at WrestleMania 32.

When it was revealed that John Cena wouldn’t be able to wrestle at the early-April PPV, it came as a huge blow to WWE. Yes, they were expecting him to miss out, but adding him to the long list of other big names out hurt a lot.

Just looking at the list of names that WWE hoped to have wrestle, but couldn’t at WrestleMania 32, is almost depressing. Those expected to be out are:

  • John Cena
  • Sting
  • Seth Rollins
  • Cesaro
  • Tyson Kidd
  • Nikki Bella
  • Randy Orton

That doesn’t even include the retirement of Daniel Bryan, which took place in February.

WrestleMania 32 is going to be a fantastic event either way, but having key main event talent like John Cena inactive does hurt. It won’t be surprising, though, if he’s still there and has some part in all of the Dallas happenings.

[Image via WWE]