Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris: This Is Why All Is Not Okay With The Couple

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris just completed one year of togetherness. But is all really well in the paradise? Taylor Swift sure looked like the happiest person in the world when she posted the picture of a love-filled gift she received from Calvin Harris.

The singer put up a picture of a heart-shaped pendant that said “3.6.2015.” The caption Taylor Swift had written went “3.6.15 One year down!” Of course, the heart-shaped emoji at the end of the caption is a classic sign of a loved-up Taylor Swift. But are things really as good as they seem, or is there trouble in paradise?

Unfortunately, the reason for the differences is Rita Ora, Calvin Harris’ ex-girlfriend. How Rita Ora happens to be the reason for a supposed rift between the hot Hollywood couple is not as straight as it looks.

Apparently, Swift is worried about Rita Ora’s upcoming record. She is afraid that it is going to have a lot of references to her relationship with Calvin Harris. And if there is one thing that a much-in-love couple can do without, then it is a blast from the past.

Taylor is worried about Rita Ora’s upcoming record, because there are a couple of tracks that paint Calvin in a bad light,” a source told Hollywood Life.

Taylor is also worried that Calvin’s ex is going to spill some beans in the new songs. Of course, Taylor doesn’t want the squeaky-clean image of her boyfriend to be affected.

“She doesn’t want any negative comments about her man affecting their relationship because of the public conception of how perfectly suited to each other they are, and how squeaky-clean he appears to be,” the source shared.

It seems like Calvin Harris also refused to make music with his girlfriend because he did not want it to create any problem in the relationship. Calvin’s team wants him to make music with a big female star. Taylor Swift seemed like the obvious choice given that she’s his girlfriend. But Calvin Harris said no to the proposition because he did not want it to affect his personal life.

“Calvin has seen how sour things can turn when working with someone he’s dating. He is very serious about Taylor and doesn’t want to rock the boat. He’s smitten. Instead, he is in talks with Beyoncé as he’s always wanted the pair to work together,” the Sun source said.

And it’s not just the reservation about how Rita Ora’s album may affect their relationship, it’s also that after the squabble with Kanye, Swift does not want to be the talk of the town. She does not want any part of their private life to go public if the couple doesn’t want to. It’s true that the couple doesn’t mind sharing some love-filled moments with their followers. Taylor Swift’s recent and perfect Instagram pictures of the two holidaying together has made everyone fall in love with the couple. The pictures show the two having a lot of fun in clear waters.

And as if relationship problem weren’t enough, rumors have it that Taylor Swift might be making a move very fast. Would that mean the couple would spend time apart? News Press has reported that Taylor Swift might just be moving to Sanibel near Fort Myers, Florida. She told the magazine that she was “looking for a change of scenery and a change of lifestyle”. Taylor Swift has “fallen in love with Sanibel Island,” the website has reported. However, the website goes on to say that it’s not true that the singer is moving to Florida.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]