March 21, 2016
'Step Brothers 2' Not To Film This Fall -- Websites Reported A Hoax

In the first Step Brothers movie, Brennan Huff and Dale Doback had their stab at the Catalina Wine Mixer and now a hoax of a Step Brothers 2 movie was reported to start filming in Richmond, Virginia. This is not true, and is a hoax spread about a few sites that include Local News 33, Miss Open, Hollywood News Daily, and The Nerd is the Word.

A Virginia news outlet, WTVR 6, clarified this movie news as a hoax and the Virginia Film Office's Margaret Finucane confirmed this to be untrue. She said that the hoax article probably honed in on the reader's location and wrote in the named city of their corresponding spot on the map. This likely excited people into thinking that the Step Brothers sequel was coming to their home town.

For instance, anyone reading it from Atlanta would see that as the corresponding city on their computer screen.

The hoax reported that the comedic duo of Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly would return for the sequel, along with the other original cast members of Mary Steenburgen and Richard Jenkins, who both played the parents of each corresponding middle-aged man-child in the 2008 movie, which was directed by Ant-Man's Adam McKay.

If anyone recalls the Step Brothers plot, it consisted of Brennan and Dale bunking together under the same roof only because fate befell their parents, who fell for each other at a conference hook, line, and sinker. Tensions rise as pressure befell them to find a job and move out. They start a company up called Prestige Worldwide, and, in order to turn their lives around, they decided to take on the Catalina Wine Mixer.

The Step Brothers 2 hoax plot was purported to be that the two room together in an apartment. Dale was said to have impregnated a woman, who had decided to abandon the child. Both Dale and Brennan are then stuck taking care of him/her, according to The Nerd is the Word and other sites that reported the hoax.

This sounds like the plot similar to that of the 80s 3 Men and a Baby movie starring Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, and Ted Danson. Both are comedic in nature, but are these two step brothers capable of raising a child? If so, would the apple fall not so far from the tree with the baby growing up to be also a middle-aged man child, still living with Brennan Huff and Dale Doback?

In legit news regarding the sequel, Adam McKay was approached by IGN in January regarding a possible Step Brothers sequel, and his answer was, "never say never." So it's still possible, but not happening, per the aforementioned clarification by the Virginia news outlet.

He also addressed the more advanced ages of Reilly and Ferrell and thought that how funny or funnier things should the actors get into their late 50s.

"But man oh man, if we had an idea, and the funny thing is the older Will [Ferrell] and [John C.] Reilly get, the funnier idea gets. So is it possible when they're like 57/58-years old, we do a Step Brothers sequel? Maybe."
McKay admitted to really loving the movie Step Brothers. In fact, he cited its appeal due to its aggressive nature. The portion of the movie at the end that was McKay's favorite was when Brennan sings the Por Ti Volare opera song.
"There's an aggressiveness to it that I really like. It's just unflinching and insane. It's also my favourite ending of any movie that we've ever done. That opera song at the end is kind of beautiful but unhinged and I just love that ending."
Since it seems that the Step Brothers director has been "kicking around" ideas, they seemed to revolve around the comedic value of the aging step siblings. IGN pitched an idea regarding a retirement venue as a possible environmental setup. Lo and behold, there was a similar line of thinking on Adam's part.
"We actually were kicking around that as one of the ideas."
Ferrell and Reilly did work together in other comedy movies, such as the Anchorman sequel and Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.
Director of Step Brothers' Adam McKay also helmed The Big Short, wrote Ant-Man, and is writing the future Marvel Studios Ant-Man and the Wasp. Also Ferrell and Adam founded the comedy workings of the Funny or Die website.

[Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images]