‘Bachelorette’ Creator On JoJo Fletcher: How She’s Handling The Role

JoJo Fletcher was announced as the next Bachelorette on the After the Final Rose special, and Ben Higgins seemed very happy for the woman he dumped in the season finale. Many had expected that JoJo was done with the Bachelor franchise, because she seemed upset that she was dumped in the finale. Plus, many people expected that Caila Quinn would be the one who would be pursuing love on the popular reality show. But Bachelor creator, Mike Fleiss, is excited about JoJo being the next Bachelorette star. According to a new report, JoJo Fletcher is taking this role very seriously, and she could be ready to meet her husband.

Fletcher has already started her journey, and it is possible that she’s been filming for a few weeks already. JoJo Fletcher wants to find love like Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell, as they are super happy these days. They are engaged and are possibly already planning their wedding. Fleiss reveals that Fletcher is serious about this journey and has already eliminated five guys from the group. And he confirms that Juan Pablo Galavis was invited to come back, but never confirmed anything.

???? Such a sweetheart- nice meeting you!

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“JoJo still has 20 great guys from which to choose. I think she’s gonna find love,” Fleiss has revealed, adding, “Today’s update: JoJo and the remaining 20 men are all in bed. Don’t get any crazy ideas. It was a long night. #wrongsideofsunrise.”

It sounds like Fletcher has already gone through a rose ceremony, and she supposedly went on her first one-on-one date this past Friday. Since she ended her journey with Ben just before Christmas, one has to wonder if she’s completely over Ben and ready to move on with her life. JoJo did reveal during the After the Final Rose that she was moving on, but it can be hard to get back into the reality world to find love.

“JoJo is taking this very seriously,” Fleiss has revealed, adding, “She really did love Ben Higgins and wants what Lauren has.”

And maybe JoJo Fletcher is hurt by the outcome of The Bachelor, as Ben did tell her that he loved her. She felt that she was the front-runner and was shocked when he chose to get engaged to Lauren. She told Chris Harrison during the After the Final Rose special that she was heartbroken and confused by the outcome.

“I think that day I had gone into the day getting ready and being really excited, and I had mentally prepared myself to get engaged to Ben and start my life with him,” she told Bachelor host Chris Harrison during the special, adding, “I think my heart just dropped.”

While the Bachelor franchise is often very secretive during filming, many leaks are often reported. And it sounds like Mike would just prefer to tackle the rumors head-on. Rather than staying silent, he is now tweeting many updates about the new season. He reveals that JoJo Fletcher is very serious about finding love — so serious, in fact, that she’s ready to shave her suitors!

“So many dudes with beards,” Fleiss revealed on Twitter last week as Fletcher was meeting her guys, adding, “JoJo is gonna break out the straight edge and shave one of these guys!” He later added, “The first group date was hot, hot, hot!!! #makeAmericahotagain. Hot like, en fuego! #makeamericahotagain.”

Ben and Lauren haven’t revealed whether they will be watching JoJo’s journey to find love. It may be too early for Higgins to watch Fletcher’s journey, even though he’s happily engaged to Lauren.

What do you think of JoJo Fletcher taking her Bachelorette journey seriously?

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