‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ And ‘Arrow’: Joseph David-Jones Discusses Connor Hawke, Legends Line-Up Change, And New Villain Malcolm Merlyn Returns

Legends of Tomorrow, also considered to be DC Comics TV Justice League, has had a lopsided run thus far as a comic book adaptation. The Legends of Tomorrow episode entitled “Star City 2046” really drew in the fans, as the much anticipated Green Arrow with his trademark facial hair appearance. The almost surprise was the entrance of DC Comics’ other Green Arrow named Connor Hawke. Connor Hawke actor Joseph David-Jones went into his Legends of Tomorrow audition having been aware of the character, but that wasn’t who he was told he was auditioning for. According to Comicbook, it wasn’t a name he was even familiar with.

“No. I guess I kind of been aware of him, but when I went in for the audition it was a completely different name and everything. So I didn’t know who the guy was… I was just like what is this? Because I think the name in the audition was Collin Osprey or something. I was just confused about who it was. I didn’t know until I got it and they told me like hey that was just a fake name we were giving out to kind of conceal it, even though the Internet found out about the role in like 2 seconds.”

Old man Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
Image Via DC's Legends of Tomorrow| Courtesy Of CW |Cropped and Resized

The entrance of Connor Hawke, or also known in DC Comics lore as Green Arrow/Oliver Queen’s son, was a long time coming. Connor Hawk came to Legends of Tomorrow as John Diggle’s son, but an alternate timeline that was created by Rip Hunter of the crew and their hunt for Vandal Savage, has also made him 2046’s Green Arrow. Now that a DC Comics character such as Connor Hawke has come into the DC Comic TV universe, the next obvious question for Joseph David-Jones is when or if Connor Hawke will return.

“Yeah. I know that a couple of the writers are trying to push to get me back in there and everything because they really, really liked what happened with the episode getting a lot of good reviews and everything, but I don’t know what they’re going to come up with or what even is going to happen with Connor Hawke. I know that they’ve been talking about the potential that could now come of it because they do circle the idea of planning to cycle out some of the cast on the ship.”

Joseph David-Jones made an interesting comment about the Legends of Tomorrow cast “cycling” out, as this potentially could pave the way for the revolving team each season that has already been the prediction around the DC Comics fans’ watercooler chats. Though it is a stretch, it could also pave the way for the return of John Constantine, which the devoted have been hoping for any kind of appearance. Especially after the Arrow appearance, many Constantine fans are passing the rumor around that he will end up on Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 or later.

John Constantine on Arrow
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Speaking of returning characters, according to Comicbook, an Arrow villain will get an episode of Legends of Tomorrow to return from the dead so to speak. The Legends of Tomorrow episode “Left Behind” will see Sara return to the League of Assassins in the 1950s, since Sara, Kendra, and Ray were unintentionally left behind, as the Waverider rode off into the sky.

Ra’s Al Ghul, the 1950s edition, will be in the next episode, and his former apprentice will return with a dastardly plan to wreak havoc on Team Arrow. Arrow Episode “1159” will see Malcolm Merlyn returning and trying to break out a less magical Damien Darhk from jail. Not much more is known about Merlyn’s plan at this time.

[Image Via DC’s Legends of Tomorrow| Courtesy Of CW |Cropped and Resized]