Leah Messer’s Childhood Poverty Revealed, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Grew Up Incredibly Poor

Leah Messer has been the target of some cruel accusations amid some very tough times. She is just 23-years-old but already has been divorced twice and has three children. Messer starred on the second installment of 16 & Pregnant, which has turned into Teen Mom 2. While a lot of her issues occurred because of poor choices as a young adult, some of them were out of her hands. Messer has never had an easy life, but she pulls through each and every trial and comes out on the other side.

It seems that Leah Messer also had a tough childhood. While viewers knew she didn’t grow up rich, it wasn’t clear that there were serious financial issues happening in her home when she was a child. According to Radar Online, Leah Messer grew up incredibly poor. She was born to a teenage mother, and by the time Messer reached her preteen years, the family was living on next to nothing.

Documents obtained by Radar Online suggested that Delta Dawn Spears filed for bankruptcy in 2005 when Messer was just 12-years-old. Detailed in the paperwork was Spears’ finances, which were minimal at best. Fortunately, things were handled by using food stamps, but it wasn’t a glamorous life by any means. While Teen Mom 2 wasn’t something the family wished for Messer, it helped them all to live a better life.


After dealing with a poverty-filled childhood, Leah Messer began rebelling during her teenage years. She found herself pregnant after being with boyfriend Corey Simms just one month. While the two would eventually welcome twins and get married, things wouldn’t last. Simms was Messer’s first divorce, but she seemingly never got over him. As teenagers, they were thrown into parenthood with twins. It hasn’t been an easy road, but Messer and Simms have made a better life for their girls. They are currently co-parenting well despite a few recent bumps in the road, which included Simms getting custody of the twins last October.

Things seem to continue to be rough for Leah Messer despite her accomplishments and moving forward. She attended rehab for depression last season on Teen Mom 2, and she caught a lot of criticism for it.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Leah Messer was recently under fire and accused of living in squalor. While she has since spoken out about the pictures a neighbor sold to the tabloids, people really jumped on her after that. There have been a lot of poor decisions made, but Messer is trying to do better for her children the best way she knows how. She just finished wrapping Season 7 of Teen Mom 2, and received a nice paycheck for filming and completing her contractual obligations.


With the hand she has been dealt, Leah Messer has proven she will always fight her way through anything. From being a poor child to having twins as a teenager, she has faced plenty of adversity. While some Teen Mom 2 fans may not agree with what Messer has done or does with her children, she is trying her best. Now that she has been divorced from her second husband, Jeremy Calvert, for almost a year, things are finally settling down.

There may be some issues in the future, since it was reported recently that Calvert would not be returning to Teen Mom 2. He also mentioned he wanted Addie to stop filming as well. Messer has not commented on the reports, but there isn’t much she can do if that is the decision he has made for his daughter. Leah Messer has come a long way since the days of her poverty-filled childhood, even if people still think she has a long road ahead of her.

[Photo via Leah Messer/Twitter]