Sad Grandpa Is Hosting A Cookout, And 3,000 Promise To Attend

Sad grandpa is having a cookout, and everyone is invited. Photos of sad papaw Kenneth Harmon went viral last week after one of six grandchildren showed up for a hamburger dinner the elderly loved one had prepared.

Kelsey Harmon, the granddaughter who did show up to the special hamburger dinner, posted the now-viral sad grandpa photo on Twitter. The image of the disheartened papaw looking sad nearly broke the internet and moved many folks to tears. Death threats against Kelsey’s cousins quickly materialized.

After the initial viral photo, Kelsey Harmon thanked everyone for their concern and told the world her papaw was alright, adding that the absentee grandkids missed the get-together due to a “miscommunication.” The 66-year-old sad grandpa lives in Norman, Oklahoma, Inside Edition reports.

Kelsey Harmon’s original post has now been re-tweeted more than 170,000 times and liked 280,000 times.

“Guys I’m sorry if I don’t tweet back I’m literally getting 20+ notifications every 30 seconds & can’t see half of them ily guys,” Kelsey Harmon tweeted.

Kenneth Harmon said that all is well with him and the grandkids, and he was shocked by the fame that came from the single Twitter post. The no-longer-sad grandpa added that he is glad the incident has prompted many to understand the importance of spending time with their grandparents.

Kenneth Harmon received an overwhelming amount of support from people around the world. In response to all of their kind words, the Oklahoma papaw decided to host a cookout and invite everyone to come share a hamburger. The Harmon cookout will be held on Saturday, March 26.

To cover the cost of the meal, a $2 charge for hamburgers is required. Attendees can even buy a shirt which reads, “I had a burger with papaw,” KVUE News reports. The shirts are still currently being designed and will probably cost around $20, grandson Brock Harmon shared via Twitter. All of the proceeds from the shirt sales will go into a fund for the college tuition of Harmon’s grandchildren and perhaps some charities as well. Kesley and Brock are already attending college.

“We don’t want anyone to think we’re doing this for fame. We’re a very family-oriented family. We communicate all the time,” Brock Harmon said. “We want people to learn a lesson from this… call your grandparents, tell them you love them, go eat with them.”

Brock also stated on social media that he did not go to his grandpa’s home until later in the evening because he had a prior obligation he had committed to a week earlier. The grandson also added that four of the other grandchildren did not attend due to a “failure to communicate,” which left them unaware of the gathering.

“It’s made young people realize how important family is,” Kelsey Harmon added when talking about the good which has come from the sad papaw ordeal.

What do you think about the sad grandpa cookout and the message the photo has driven home to young people about the importance of spending time with their elderly loved ones?

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