Ashley Darby Slams Karen Huger’s Breasts As Being ‘Out For Public Consumption’

The Real Housewives of Potomac star Ashley Darby has fought hard to get into the Potomac circle, and it sounds like it may be a place where she doesn’t want to be. During last night’s finale episode, Ashley learned that Karen Huger was still very upset with what happened during the ladies’ trip to Bethany Beach. Karen made a huge scene when Michael decided to show up unannounced to surprise his wife at his own beach house.

According to a new Bravo report, Real Housewives of Potomac star Ashley Darby is now revealing that her co-star’s behavior is crazy.

“The reason my husband and I get along so well is because we laugh at ridiculousness. When Ray says that he’s upset because his wife could be walking around her in underwear and he didn’t want Michael to see, I’m wondering what the thinks when her breasts are constantly out for public consumption. It baffles me that she is still stuck in 1920 and men and women should not dare be under the same roof (better stay away from hotels then!). The Grand Dame is rather delusional and she wanted to hold court, so she exaggerated the situation to the other ladies – no surprise to me. Whatever helps her sleep at night,” Ashley Darby points out in her Bravo blog.

Of course, Huger’s husband said that his wife was walking around in skimpy outfits, and he felt uncomfortable that a man was stopping by. But Darby does have an interesting take on it: Why would Huger’s husband be worried about her skimpy outfits in front of Michael when she’s always walking around with her breasts out for all to see? There does seem to be some contradiction there.

Even though Karen and Ashley Darby made peace on the golf course, it sounds like Ashley’s co-star wasn’t quite done with her. It seems like there’s a belief that Darby is a horrible, immature person who doesn’t take anyone’s feelings into account when doing something. And while some people may have been hurt by the comments that were made, Ashley can only laugh it off.

“My issue is Karen doesn’t see how this is offensive and could hurt my feelings. Wanting to get to know someone’s family is not about the family members themselves – it’s about further solidifying a bond between two women. Family is such an integral part of our beings! After I thought she and I were forging a friendship while driving to a girls’ trip, Karen’s actions reminded me that her friendship is as fake as Trump’s toupee,” Ashley Darby reveals, adding, “Karen flicked me off because she felt backed into a corner – she never expected her harsh comments to leave the Porsche. If being my genuine self is an agenda, then that’s what I’m about. Although she is a grown woman who is all about ‘using our words,’ she wanted to flex her muscle and kick us out of her home. Karen certainly has an appetite for vengeance.”

It sounds like Darby isn’t too concerned about what happened this season, especially since Karen seems to be all over the place emotionally. Just when they had made peace, she brings up a rumor about her daughter and says that Darby isn’t allowed to hang out with her family members. It’s almost as if Ashley is a former stripper with drug connections and a huge criminal record — but no, she just got a surprise from her husband during a girls trip.

What do you think of Ashley Darby’s comments about Karen walking around with her breasts out? Do you think Huger is a contradiction?

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