Shush! Brad Pitt’s New Trailer For “Killing Them Softly” Just Arrived

And Lo. The first trailer for Killing Them Softly has arrived.

I should probably tell you that it stars Brad Pitt.

Based on George V Higgins novel – Cogan’s Trade – the film caused quite a stir when it debuted in competition at the Cannes film Festival back in May.

The reasons were varied, but the main one was that the film’s New Zealand-born director Andrew Dominik made some pretty full-on comparisons between the mob, its culture and American politics – and politicians.

Reuniting with Dominik after their 2007 effort The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Pitt stars as a Jackie Cogan, a hit man sent in by the ‘bosses’ to find two petty criminals who make the mistake of stealing from a Boston mob-run poker game.

While based on Higgin’s novel, Dominik’s version throws out the 70s context of the book and pitches it in recession hit America, against a backdrop of the 2008 U.S election.

The rest of the cast also received great notices at Cannes for their performances.

They include; Ray Liotta, Sam Shepard, Richard Jenkins, James Gandolfini and Scoot McNairy.

The film itself received mixed reviews at Cannes, but many feel it will be better received back in its home country. A lot of that is down to Pitt’s presence. Can’t think why.

Here’s the trailer!

Killing Them Softly hits theaters in the U.S on September 21.