‘Bates Motel’ Theory: Will Norman Kill His Mother And Hide Her Body For The Season 4 Finale?

Bates Motel is one of the best television shows on Monday nights and could easily win an Emmy award. Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) has taken his Psycho status another notch as he portrays Norman in perfect fashion. In fact, his portrayal of Norman is so accurate that it has a very creepy feel to it.

One event that many fans believe that needs to happen to stay faithful to the movie Psycho is Norma’s (Vera Farmiga) murder. To remain factually correct, Norman will have to kill his mother and hide her body. The show runners of Bates Motel have stated that they don’t see the show going past Season 5–which left the fans wondering how they plan to wrap up the series. Is there a Season 5 script already written?


So far, Norman started out a semi-normal teenager with typical urges that most boys his age feel. What set Norman apart from other boys was his other personality that he referred to as Mother. As far as we can tell, Norman blacks out and Mother comes out and does terrible things. Once Norman wakes up, he has no memory of what happened.

In recent Bates Motel episodes, Norman is starting to remember events he did while blacked out, which is a sign that his mental state is growing more and more unstable. Last week, he threatened to hurt Norma because, in his twisted mind, he honestly believes that Norma is the one that is responsible for the murders and horrible things that he has done. He cannot quite comprehend that while he sees his mother doing these terrible acts, it is really him, dressed like her.


Norma has attempted to pull away from Norman as she noticed that he depended on her much more than he should at 18-years-old, according to LA Times. Dylan started pointing out the inappropriate behavior between Norman and Norma–which prompted her to try to get some level of separation from her son. It started with their sleeping arrangements; Norma told him he had to sleep in his own bed. Norman protested and claimed that Dylan had some ulterior motive to come between them. At first, they figured that Dylan must be jealous of their bond, and slowly Norma started seeing alarming signs that pointed to Norman’s mental state becoming more and more unstable.

Ever since the Bates Motel Season 4 teaser came out in January, many fans have speculated that Norma would die this year, with the real possibility of Norman murdering Sheriff Romero (Nester Carbonell) too. Based on Norman’s behavior so far this season, it’s safe to assume he will come completely unhinged in the next few episodes.


Ahead on Bates Motel, Norman will be in the shock of his life, when not only does he have to accept that his mother shuffled him off in a mental institution, but she is getting married. Something tells me he won’t care that she married Romero for the sole purpose to get him the help he needs. In Norman’s eyes, he will only hear that his precious mother is moving on with her life–without him. Could her marriage be the thing that pushes Norman over the edge and gives him the idea to kill her? Will Sheriff Romero be able to protect himself from Norman’s wrath; nevermind, protecting Norma from her son.

Bates Motel fans tell us what you think about the season so far? Will Norman kill Norma in the coming weeks? Do you think he will hide the body? Watch Bates Motel every Monday night on A&E.

[Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for A+E]