Gwen Stefani Protects Kids From Gavin Rossdale Cheating But With Blake Shelton’s Love, Her Sons Have Become Stars

Gwen Stefani suffered through a very public split from Gavin Rossdale, who allegedly cheated on her with the nanny hired to take care of their three sons. Through it all, including the music she wrote about that split, Stefani has sought to protect her sons from the lurid details of how their marriage ended, reported the Daily Mail.

She and Gavin had been married for 13 years. The splintering of her relationship with Rossdale took its toll on her emotionally before Gwen experienced the joy of having her life transformed with Blake Shelton’s love.

Gwen Stefani suffered heartbreak before finding a new love with Blake Shelton. Gwen Stefani suffered heartbreak before finding a new love with Blake Shelton. [Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS]Consequently, Stefani had plenty of emotional material when it came to writing songs for her new album, This Is What The Truth Feels Like. But because of her three sons, she faced the challenge of not revealing too many intimate details in her music.

That meant that when the pop star was working with her collaborators, she had to keep certain information about her relationship with Gavin private while still using what had happened in her marriage to Rossdale along with her feelings of betrayal to fuel her creativity.

“It’s impossible to explain how hard it was, to get into a room with people you don’t know — who don’t know your story — and you can’t say what’s going on.”

Through it all, she remained mindful of what was needed to protect the three sons she and Gavin share, including Kingston, who is 9, Zuma, who is 7, and Apollo, who recently turned 2.

“I needed to protect the children,” emphasized Stefani.

And that meant that even though there had been headlines blaring that her marriage to Rossdale had ended when Gavin was unfaithful to her with her sons’ nanny, the music avoided naming names or even going into extensive detail about what happened.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani show their love on the red carpet. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani show their love on the red carpet. [Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]However, that does not meant that Gwen feels she has something to hide, nor is she embarrassed by what Gavin did. What her love for her sons does mean is that she wants to avoid having them be humiliated in the future by what’s in her music.

“I don’t want them to look back and be embarrassed,” she emphasized.

What is hard for Stefani is that she and Rossdale divide their time with their children. But recently, as her romance with Blake has blossomed, so has her willingness to share her adorable sons on social media. As a result, they’ve become little stars.


Even Apollo, at 2, has become part of her social media promotion of her new album, with Apollo helping his mommy hype her music.

“Say everybody go to iTunes,” she encouraged Apollo.

He obeyed, then got prompted to add a cute addition.

“Cause Momma’s record,” piped up Apollo proudly.

Since the release of her third studio album, This Is What The Truth Feels Like, it has soared to the top of the iTunes album chart. Shelton joined in the social media celebration.

“I am freaking out!!! Congratulations @gwenstefani!!!!” tweeted the country crooner, who fell in love with her after going through his own painful split from Miranda Lambert.

The romance between the pop star and the country music superstar has changed more than their lives. Her sons have flourished, as well, and the three little boys became stars at her friend’s wedding recently, according to E! News.

As the oldest, Kingston had the most serious responsibility in his role as man of the rings. But Zuma wasn’t far behind, because the little boy was the one who had the privilege of walking the bride down the aisle.

Apollo had the best seat in the house, because he got to observe it all from the vantage point of his mother’s lap.

In addition, Stefani’s sons have been happily bonding with Shelton. And there’s just one person who’s not feeling good about the arrangement, which is Gavin Rossdale, an insider told Hollywood Life.

“Blake is amazing with the kids. He’s such a big kid himself and loves doing all the same things as they do,” revealed the insider. “It drives Gavin nuts that his kids have bonded with Blake. He hates that they’re spending so much time with him. He doesn’t have any say in it … and it’s killing him.”

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