One Direction’s Harry Styles Has A New Date And She Will Break Your Heart

There is rarely a day that passes where Harry Styles is not linked with a new woman in his life. One Direction heartthrob Harry is the darling of the gossip columns, and as a rule, Styles only has to be on the same continent as a beautiful woman to set tongues wagging. Over the past couple of months Styles has been keeping a low profile as One Direction begin their hiatus. Of course that has not stopped newspaper speculation about who Harry might be dating.

As One Direction fans are well aware, Harry has been linked with model Kendall Jenner since the pair were spotted getting cozy on a super-yacht off the Caribbean island of St. Barts over new-year. Shortly after the photographs of Harry and Kendall were printed, the Sun claimed that Harry was cheating on Kendall with London stylist Pandora Lennard after she was spotted leaving Styles home after a sleepover.

Shortly after those claims emerged, the Daily Mail told us that Kendall had walked out of Jeff Azoff’s birthday party, and we all believed that Harry and Kendall were over. Of course, many of Harry’s fans refused to buy a relationship between Styles and Jenner in any event, as rumors spread that the relationship was a PR stunt designed to deflect claims that Kendall is a lesbian.


Speculation about Harry and Kendall’s rumored relationship re-emerged over the past weekend when it was claimed that Styles mother, Anne Twist, had her iCloud account hacked and intimate pictures of Harry and Kendall were leaked to the internet. The Mirror reports that Harry’s sister Gemma Styles hit out the hackers saying that her mother felt “violated and betrayed.”


Many One Direction fans are outraged that hackers, who claim to be fans, have targeted Harry’s family in this way. Others point out that an iCloud hack should be very difficult if Apple’s two-step authentication process is used. This requires a code to be sent to a trusted device if a log-in attempt comes from a new or unknown computer. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, many fans are suspicious that new pictures of Harry and Kendall should emerge at the same time as rumors over Jenner’s sexuality.

Meanwhile Metro reports that a delightful video has emerged of a toddler who is preparing for a hot date with Harry. Little Amelie can be seen cutting and styling her hair whilst having a very serious discussion with her dad about her date with Harry. Dad offers Amelie a ride to her date with Styles, but is told that she “has her own car.” Amelie does relent somewhat and tells her dad that he can sleep on Harry’s sofa as she intends to stay overnight.


When dad asks Amelie if she will need any money, she asks for £1 as Harry will probably take her shopping. As dad gets up, Amelie asks where he is going and is told he is going to get ready. “What for” she asks. Dad replies “Harry” and Amelie looks at him and says “Oh, I’m not going today.”

Life would be so much more simple for Harry if he forgot all about Kendall and dated this sweet little girl. Harry may have a few years to wait for her, but you can bet that Styles will have met his match in Amelie. Harry Styles would have to go a long way to find a more adorable date than little Amalie, and when you see this video you have to wonder how her dad will cope when she is old enough to date.

[Photo by John Davisson/Invision/AP]