‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 7: Can Rayna Be Neutralized? Stefan And Damon Salvatore Might Have A Plan

The Vampire Diaries Season 7 introduced Leslie-Anne Huff, who plays a vampire huntress named Rayna. The TVD villain is complicated, and her entire storyline seems to revolve around going after Stefan Salvatore. What makes things even more complex is that the woman doesn’t stay dead thanks to the Everlasters. However, there is only a certain number of Everlasters, and each time Rayna dies, one of the Everlasters begins to decay.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t solve the problem but creates a new one in The Vampire Diaries. It turns out that each time Rayna dies, she comes back even stronger. Also, if Rayna is killed permanently, then all of her marked targets do as well. If that happens, then it means Stefan will die in The Vampire Diaries. If Rayna can’t be killed, could this villain be neutralized instead? What if Stefan and Damon have a plan that will deal with Rayna once and for all?

This season in The Vampire Diaries, viewers have been seeing a lot of flash forwards. It began in the Season 7 midseason premiere and has continued going back and forth from the present to three years in the future. This means that TVD fans might not be seeing everything. It does allow certain things to be explained, but as for the present problems, not all conversations are shown to viewers. Is it possible that Damon and Stefan Salvatore have a plan to deal with Rayna and it just hasn’t been shown in The Vampire Diaries yet?

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the synopsis and promo clip for The Vampire Diaries Season 7, Episode 16 was released. Titled “Days of Future Past,” the press release states that Ian Somerhalder’s character, Damon Salvatore, wants Stefan’s mark transferred to him. However, Damon doesn’t count on the fact that transferring the scar will create some unexpected consequences. As most fans of The Vampire Diaries know, Stefan (Paul Wesley) will never allow Damon to make that kind of sacrifice, no matter how angry he is.


The Vampire Diaries Season 7, Episode 16 promo clip from Spoilers Guide reveals that Rayna has caught up to Stefan. Pointing her sword at the Salvatore brother while he is down on his knees, Rayna asks him a question. She wants to know if Stefan is ready to let go of Damon, and to this, the Vampire Diaries star says yes. It seems that Stefan has made his choice, but is the promo clip showing what is really happening?

Spoiler TV published the synopsis for Episode 17 of The Vampire Diaries. The press release reveals that Rayna tries to find Stefan before his friends do. Did Stefan escape Rayna’s clutches? Was it a dream, illusion, or hallucination? Is Stefan answering Rayna’s question in “Days of Future Past” not real due to the theory of him being in the Phoenix Stone?


Damon is determined to save Stefan in The Vampire Diaries. The younger Salvatore brother is furious with Damon, but Stefan will never let anything happen to him. It is the way Stefan has always been, and it is the way things will be in the future. It seems that Damon and Stefan Salvatore probably have a plan to deal with Rayna in The Vampire Diaries, but what is it?

Will Stefan find more herbs to cover his scar when The Vampire Diaries returns? Even if he does, Stefan will still be running and hiding from Rayna, so that is not a permanent solution. Tricking Rayna will only be temporary and may lead to worse consequences later on. However, could they make Rayna see an illusion, making her believe that she has caught Stefan and Damon when she really hasn’t? Is Rayna’s obsession with the Salvatore brothers due to a spell that can be reversed? Is there a way to neutralize Rayna in The Vampire Diaries? It seems like an impossible situation, but when fans really think about it, TVD writers have left quite a few loopholes that could save Damon and Stefan from Rayna.

What do you think will happen in The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 16? Do Damon and Stefan have a plan to deal with Rayna? How will the Salvatore brothers deal with the scar and neutralize the vampire huntress?

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