WWE News: William Regal Warns Wrestlers About Copying His Mistake

WWE news is focused on William Regal as of late. After feeling first hand the full effects of a long career of sacrificing his body for the sake of entertainment, and watching the world be robbed of a beloved performer like Daniel Bryan, Regal doesn’t want the new wave of developmental wrestlers to make the same mistakes that he made. Regal wants the new, and relatively healthier, guys to know that you don’t have to do ultra dangerous moves all the time.

William Regal is no longer an active in ring performer, but he’s still a part of the industry through his connection with WWE. As a veteran with decades of experience under his belt, he feels that it is his responsibility to warn people of the figurative pot holes on the road ahead of the younger wrestlers.

To ensure that fans don’t misinterpret what he is trying to say, William Regal took to Twitter once again. He stated that it was not to seek sympathy for himself, but simply a warning for others.

Thanks to the rise of social media, pro wrestling fans have found it easier to share their opinions with one another. After hearing about all the serious injuries being suffered in WWE, fans are starting to realize just how real the damage is. According to Forbes magazine, Daniel Bryant was forced to retire sooner than he wanted to because of recurring injuries.

Observant fans have long known what William Regal recently stated about being able to get a reaction from an audience by doing basic moves. Jake Roberts is long viewed as one the brightest minds in wrestling. He’s told so many wrestlers that they need to narrow down their moves set.

One of the wrestlers that listened to Jake Roberts’ advice is Raven, another brilliant wrestling mind. He utilized a simple DDT as his finishing move in ECW. Unfortunately for Raven, though, he came up during a time where violent hardcore spots were very popular with the fans, so he was forced to adapt. Outside of Extreme Championship Wrestling, he made sure to keep things basic enough in the ring. His character was more of the focus.

WWE legend Jake Roberts
Scott Hall is another disciple of Jake Roberts. He learned to keep his moves in the ring simple as well. Hall used the Razor’s Edge, a modified power bomb, as his finishing move. With the way that the former WWE Intercontinental Champion performed the move, it was much less taxing on the body for Hall and his opponent than the usual way of doing the power bomb. Hall also received more of a pop from the audience for flicking a toothpick and saying, “Hey, yo!”

Even though there are still highly dangerous spots being done, usually at big pay per view events, WWE has focused more on the safety of their performers. Injuries are still a thing in WWE, and it probably will always be. However, things are not as bad as they used to be. William Regal wants to help make sure of that.

[Image via WWE]