‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers Season 6 Episode 15: ‘East’ Is Missing, The Core Is The New Threat [Video]

The Walking Dead is about to wind down Season 6 with the penultimate episode titled “East.” But a search for the missing sheds new light on what is out there. Fans of TWD are going to be shocked at what the Core group is going to find out in these final episodes.

It appears as though The Walking Dead Season 6 is not only about who Negan is going to kill in the last episode. As AMC has revealed, the final episodes are going to be focused on what is to come for the community as a whole, not just the TWD Core group. (Warning: there are spoilers below for The Walking Dead Season 6.)

The Walking Dead Episode 15 will start off with a search for the missing. Fans already know who that missing person is, Carol. But before talking about what’s to come, let’s get caught up with what has already happened.

In the last episode of The Walking Dead, as reported by Entertainment Weekly, the episode mostly focused on Daryl, Rosita and Denise. Or, more directly, it was about Denise and her need to fill a void that causes her to enlist the help of Daryl and Rosita.

As many The Walking Dead fans already know, Rosita is still reeling from being dumped by Abraham is such a rude and abrasive manner. But, in hindsight, he has ripped the band aid off quickly and allowed for there to be less pain up front. Still, she has been given the boot from his life and that takes a toll. She ends up in another man’s arms (Spencer), but only for momentary comfort.

Denise is also experiencing a need to make some sort of transition in her life, if for nothing else, to be a better person to Tara. But in The Walking Dead, there are no means to a better end for the people who live in that world. They just have to survive at all times and they often cannot let love get in the way. That is something many have had to find out the hard way, including Denise.

So their mission is to go out into a nearby town and find an apothecary store that would have specific drugs they would need to treat their people. But there are still walking dead to deal with, so they have to make sure to be safe. Fortunately, there are no herds around and what little walkers they do find, they deal with quickly or just pass them by.

They find what they need after setting out on foot due to a tree in the road. They use the road and the train tracks. But, on the way back, Denise finds a cooler in a car and she makes it her mission to get the cooler, even though there is a walker inside. Sure enough, the walker ends up on top of her and she wards off any attempts by Daryl or Rosita to help her. As it turns out, she needs to be able to kill the walkers so it beccomes a training mission.

Just like any episode of The Walking Dead, the mission and the training go bad. She kills the walker and in the middle of her victory speech, she takes an arrow to the eye. This exposes the Savior Dwight, who has Eugene as a captive. Long story short, Eugene takes a bite out of Dwight and in the end he runs off with nothing.

This leaves The Walking Dead Core group with one more dead. And to top that off, Carol has also left a note, abandoning her people because she cannot kill any more.

There is a search party that goes out to find the missing on Episode 15 of The Walking Dead. But they end up finding something different. In this new world, a choice must be made. Take it or let it be, good guy or bad guy? The Walking Dead Core group is about to make a serious transition in status.

[Image via AMC]