Stormy Daniels Shares Sexy Sneak Peek At Saucy Halloween Costume

These days, people aren't hearing much from adult film star Stormy Daniels in relation to her allegations against President Donald Trump. She seems to mostly be doing her own thing and this week, that included dressing up for Halloween. As her fans would expect, Stormy went with a sexy get-up and she shared a peek of it via her Instagram page.

Stormy Daniels makes a living by looking sexy and so it wasn't a stretch to imagine she would go with something racy for Halloween. On Tuesday, the adult film star shared a photo on Instagram showing her dressed up as a sultry cat and it definitely got her followers buzzing.

For her costume, Daniels wore an animal-print top and it looks like it covered a black, fuzzy bustier of some sort. Naturally, it had a plunging neckline to showcase Stormy's infamous cleavage. She also wore a gold-and-black collar around her neck, animal-print and black fuzzy cat ears, and a black mask over her eyes.

Unfortunately for fans, Daniels didn't share a full-body shot of this Halloween costume so people will just have to imagine what the rest of it looked like. She added a hashtag to the post about how she is "Team No Sleep" and those who follow her page know that she's been on the go nonstop lately with various engagements.

Daniels recently posted a photo on her Instagram page showing her on an airplane and she had on no makeup. She noted that she was completely exhausted and said she hadn't used a filter of any kind on the picture. Regardless of how tired she was, Stormy's natural beauty shone through the exhaustion.

Just this month, Stormy has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, done some appearances in promotion of her book, done a photo shoot, hit the Venus Fair in Germany, spent time in Washington, D.C., appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher, and hit the set of The Price Is Right. Her schedule through the rest of the year is packed with additional book signing dates and she just teased via Instagram an upcoming magazine appearance that involved a "dream come true" photo shoot.

There are still more issues to be resolved yet in terms of Stormy's allegations against President Trump. However, for now, it looks like Daniels is focused on doing her own thing and making the most of the opportunities being presented to her. Stormy Daniels obviously knows how to make a cat costume look quite sexy and her fans hope that she'll share some additional shots before her Halloween festivities are completely over.