HBO Teases New Larry David Film, So Far About Nothing

HBO announced a new film written by and starring Larry David, though are quick to point out that he won’t be playing himself in this one.

David is set to work on the film before production begins on the next season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Though another season of Curb is definitely in the works, HBO execs opine that David wants to hit the ground running on the new film first, reports MSN. Not much about the new Larry David film is known at this time, except that David “is not playing the Larry David from ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,'” according to HBO president of programming Michael Lombardo. He won’t be directing it either – that honor falls to Arrested Development and Newsroom vet Greg Mottola.

Whatever it’s going to be, HBO execs have faith that it will be good. HBO co-president Richard Plepler said that David pretty much has “carte blanche” to do whatever he wants to do, reports the Seattle Post.

David is no stranger to playing characters other than himself. He played “Boris Yelnikoff” in Woody Allen’s Whatever Works back in 2009, and continuously clarifies that the “Larry David” he plays on Curb is an extremely exaggerated version of himself in real life.

HBO also has a Rolling Stones documentary in the works, set to release sometime around the group’s 50th anniversary. It will be directed by Brett Morgen of The Kid Stays in the Picture fame. HBO also announced that Girls and Enlightened will both return in January for ten-episode second seasons.

Unfortunately for geeks like myself, there was no mention of fan-favorite Game of Thrones. HBO, why do you tease me?

Looking forward to the new Larry David HBO film? Let the speculation begin!