Why is there a tank in your garage?

I realize that home protection is a pretty big business with everything from bars on the windows to lockdown safe rooms.There are companies that will sell you the most modern of security alarm systems that are monitored 24 hours days just so you can feel a little safer.

However I don’t think that any of those ideas come even close to having a great big huge tank sitting in your garage for all the world to see. Never mind the AK-47 you have hiding behind the front door or the claymore mines littering the hallways. These all pale in comparison to that big gun pointing in your direction.

Now if a tank isn’t up your alley you could always go the route of having a fully fueled jet plane to chase their asses with.


Of course if you are more the type of using a vicious animal to keep unwanted guests away you could try this option out for size


No of course between you an me we both know that none of these are real but rather some clever artwork done on weather resistant tarps that you can attached to the front of your garage, all courtesy of Style-Your-Garage.com

Gotta admit though they could be kind of fun to hang up and see the reactions of people as they walk by.