Kandi Burruss Posts Video Of Kenya Moore Repeating Phaedra Parks Insult While Watching ‘RHOA’ Reunion Together

Are Kandi Burruss and Kenya Moore very good friends now? They’re apparently good enough friends to watch part 1 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show together. As part 1 of the Season 8 reunion show aired on Sunday night, Kandi posted videos to her Instagram page showing her and Kenya watching the special together in her home. One video that Kandi posted shows Kenya repeating an insult that she said to Phaedra Parks during the reunion show.

Prior to the reunion show beginning, Kandi and Kenya expressed excitement over the “reading session” that was to begin. Both women are in sweats and have on minimal makeup.

As the reunion aired, Kandi posted a video of herself asking Kenya for her thoughts on the reunion thus far. Kenya, with a big smile on her face, said that her favorite part of the reunion so far is when she “read Phaedra her rights” and told her that on her best day, she can’t be her third runner-up. “Yes hunny!” Kenya proclaimed, before breaking out in hysterical laughter. Kandi swerved the camera to show herself giving an incredulous look in response to Kenya’s statement, but then laugh over it.

During the reunion show, host Andy Cohen delved into Kenya’s drama with some of the other housewives, including her long feud with Phaedra. Kenya criticized Phaedra for making fun of her looks, to which Phaedra quipped that she didn’t make fun of her looks but her skin. Phaedra admitted that she called Kenya “oatmeal pie face” in a confessional interview. “That’s not funny,” Kenya snapped. “You’re a pretty girl, but you’ve got bad skin,” Phaedra replied.

Kenya responded to that by going after Phaedra’s appearance. Kenya, referring to her Miss USA 1993 win, declared that Phaedra would lose to her in a beauty pageant even when she’s looking her best.

“You’re not one to talk because on your best day and my worst, you wouldn’t even by my third runner-up.”

Kandi Burruss received a lot of comments that criticized her for having Kenya Moore at her house and seemingly bonding and laughing with her over the reunion. Some people pointed out that since Kenya is Phaedra Parks’ big enemy, Kandi was betraying Phaedra by hanging out with Kenya. Some people also criticized Kandi for posting the video of Kenya repeating and laughing over the insult she said to Phaedra during the reunion. Kandi and Phadra used to be very good friends and are now supposedly trying to fix their damaged friendship.

Kandi responded to the criticism by explaining that she and Kenya are hardly best friends and that Kenya simply wanted to drop by to see her and Todd Tucker’s infant son, Ace Well Tucker. Kandi wrote that she’s glad that Kenya dropped by so that they could live-tweet the show with viewers.

In the video, Kandi said that she and Kenya aren’t “besties.

“For all of you who said that Kenya and I are besties, we’re not besties. She came to see Ace. She didn’t even come to see me!”

The video then pans to a laughing Kenya who said that she just had to see the baby. “Kandi, she alright too!” Kenya added with a smile, to which Kandi laughed.

Kandi also made sure to post a video of herself laughing over Kenya‘s proclamation during the reunion that she’s the star of the show.

During the reunion show, Phaedra and Kandi talked about their once-tight friendship. Both women said that they wanted to work things out but weren’t sure exactly where they stood with one another. Phaedra admitted that she “felt a certain way” after learning that Kandi and Todd stored some of her estranged husband’s possessions in their home. Kandi replied that she and Todd didn’t think that having some of Apollo Nida’s things at their home was a secret. Kandi also made clear that she didn’t like Phaedra saying in one of her confessional interviews that she gives Todd an allowance.

“I don’t pay my husband an allowance. Don’t come for me that way.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kandi, during a recent interview, said that Apollo never told her and Todd to keep the fact that they were helping him store some items a secret from Phaedra. Kandi also explained why it didn’t seem weird to them that Apollo asked them to store some vehicles for him.

The reunion swung back to Kenya Moore, who was certainly at the center of part 1 of the Season 8 reunion show. Not only was her feud with Phaedra Parks a topic of conversation, so was her feud with Kim Fields. Kenya reiterated her belief that Kim believes that she’s better than everyone else and has a “condescending” attitude. When Andy asked Kenya what she thought about Kim’s career, Kenya dismissed it, pointing out that Kim was a child actress and had some work in the 9os. Andy pointed out that Kenya was Miss USA in the 90s.


Kenya was undeterred. She declared that she’s the star of Real Housewives and that Kim’s on the lowest rung on the show.

“I don’t think her career has been better than mine…She’s on the stage that I’m the star of right now. She’s here, the lowest man on the totem pole.”

While Kenya did apologize for pulling Kim’s chair, the two continued arguing with one another until Kim screamed that Kenya can’t keep interrupting people.

“What is your point now?” Kenya asked.

“I am making it!” Kim snapped.

“OK and we are bored, so please get to it,” Kenya retorted.

“Say something!” Kim, with her finger in the air, hissed.


The other housewives were clearly taken aback by this aggressive side of Kim that they had never seen before. Yet Kenya wasn’t scared.

“Something, Kim,” she replied.

As she watched the reunion, Kenya, instead of any kind of embarrassment, expressed happiness that she was in the center of controversy. She posted a photo that shows her looking at herself during a break in filming. Kenya declared that she was the “b***h” who caused all of the conversation. Kenya added that it’s best to stay gracious since the best revenge is to keep collecting the paychecks that she gets as a result of being the conversation-starter. Kenya also put up a post that thanked a dermatologist for her clear skin, which seemed to a response to Phaedra’s continual dig at her skin. Shortly after the reunion, Kenya deleted her posts and set her Instagram page to private.

A preview for part 2 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta shows Kenya Moore continuing to take some heat, especially from Porsha Williams, who accuses her of being with a married man, a “one-eyed African,” in Las Angeles once. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Porsha tweeted that Kenya was with a married man in May 2015.

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