Taco Bell Quesalupa: Angry Customers Complain About Lack Of Cheese On Twitter

Is the Taco Bell Quesalupa as cheesy as it looks on the commercial?

Perhaps the biggest highlight of the Taco Bell Quesalupa is the vast amount of cheese that is cooked within the actual taco shell itself. That is at least how the popular fast food restaurant has presented one of its newest menu additions in printed advertisements and commercials.

When the shell is broken apart, numerous strings of cheese are usually seen stretching from inside of it, just like a cheesy mozzarella stick. However, the mixed reaction to the Taco Bell Quesalupa on Twitter shows that the taco may not consistently deliver the same “cheesiness” as advertised.

Quite a few customers have actually complained about the Quesalupa not having any cheese within the shell at all.

It is important to keep things in perspective with realistic expectations — especially when it comes to fast food restaurants. For years, consumers have complained about the food they purchase not having a close resemblance to the food that is advertised in commercials and advertisements when it comes to the overall appearance, texture and size.

However, if the core element and major selling point of a particular menu item is not actually present — such as a lack of stretchable cheese inside of a Quesalupa shell — it is understandable why so many customers are disappointed.

Taco Bell unveiled the release of the new Quesalupa within a popular Super Bowl advertisement last month featuring celebrities like George Takei and sports athletes like James Harden.

The Quesalupa commercial focused on a number of different trends connecting to one another simply by being mentioned and compared to the future success of the new Taco Bell menu item. As heard several times in the commercial, the Quesalupa was advertised as being “bigger than everything” — including James Harden’s beard and the Internet.

George Takei, who was featured laughing maniacally in the Super Bowl ad, was also featured in another Quesalupa commercial reviewing what the Internet had to say about the new taco. Instead of reviewing a number of different reviews and consumer ratings, the longtime actor focused on the “Quesalupa for President” tweet as the primary review in the commercial.

Back in February, Orange Counter Register reported that Chief Executive Brian Niccol spoke highly of the Taco Bell Quesalupa in front of hundreds of corporate employees at a preview party.

“Quesalupa is everything I love about Taco Bell – amplified… I think the item will be another one for the record books.”

Perhaps Taco Bell will now need to figure out how to master the cheesy side of the Quesalupa so that all customers will be able to experience the stretchy cheesiness advertised in the commercials.

[Image Credit: William Thomas Cain/Getty Images]