WWE News: Wrestling Legend Sting Claims, Despite Rumors, He Is Not Retired

When soon to be WWE Hall of Famer Sting went down with an injury at WWE Night of Champions in his match with Seth Rollins, many were worried sick about the legend. No one knew if we would ever see him again, and others worried that his neck could be so bad that it could alter his life. Thankfully, Sting was hurt but his life was not altered by the injury. Many felt that the 56-year-old Sting went way too far in his match with Rollins.

To be fair to Sting, he did give us a match to remember against Rollins. Seth did everything he could to protect Sting, but Sting admittedly landed a turnbuckle bomb wrong and it led to The Icon going down for the count. Sting lost the match but his health was the most important thing. Many felt that this was his last match and TMZ reports from this past week seemed to confirm it, as they claimed Sting was retiring from competition and would make the entire thing official at the WWE Hall of Fame in a few weeks.

Now, TMZ reports that Sting is not yet retired and this comes from the mouth of Sting himself. The legend was in Altoona, Pennsylvania, when TMZ caught up with him and asked him about his neck, which he responded to by saying his neck was okay.

Sting Rollins

He was then asked about his retirement, but Sting claimed that there were a lot of rumors out there and he was NOT officially retired. This is a major thing as from all indications it seemed he was done.

Now this could be Sting trying to save his retirement speech for the WWE Hall of Fame itself. Or it could be Sting tearing down rumors officially so that he can make sure his fans know that he is not yet done with his WWE career. He could also be stretching the word “officially,” as he is not officially anything until he makes the announcement. Sting is an old school guy, so it makes sense to see him hold out on things.

It was also quite interesting that no announcement was made by Sting or WWE after the TMZ report hit the web. That very well could be because Sting is simply not retiring from in-ring competition at this time. He was already very part-time with WWE, only wrestling sparingly when asked. In fact, he only had three matches with WWE officially.

Sting HHH

It just so happened that he was rocked massively on his last one.

There is hope he has one more match with WWE again, and if he wins, we can see Sting go off into the sunset like the great legend that he is. Sting has mentioned that he would like to do other things with WWE outside of working as an in-ring talent. WWE would be ignorant to turn down such an offer as fans love to see Sting whenever possible. He was a good authority figure with TNA, so something similar with WWE might do him just fine.

This is especially a good thing for post-WrestleMania plans. Shane McMahon very well could end up as the boss of WWE RAW but may have to leave to do other ventures. Who better to take his place than the man who’s possibly the biggest foe to The Authority? Regardless, Sting’s future is still up in the air. Truly the only thing for sure about Sting is that nothing is for sure.

[Image via WWE]