Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom Party At Robert Downey Jr’s Place Amid Wedding Rumors

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were reportedly spotted hanging out with Robert Downey Jr. over the weekend for a children’s party, and the couple spent quality time with Bloom’s five-year old son Flynn.

Rumors have been flying for months now that the duo are an item, but neither will comment on whether or not they’re seeing each other romantically. However, they’ve been spotted vacationing together in Hawaii and, according to the Irish Independent, he’s even talked about meeting her parents. However, one source says that Bloom has been nervous about making a good impression on Katy’s family, especially since she’s reportedly said that her parents were overjoyed about her divorce from comedian Russell Brand.

“Orlando doesn’t seem that keen on meeting Katy’s mum and Dad. Katy’s parents are a huge part of her life, and it’s causing tension because she can’t understand why it’s a problem. Orlando might seem confident on the surface, but he’s terrified of making a bad impression,” a source said.

The couple reportedly met back in January at a Golden Globes afterparty, where they were spotted chatting the night away, and they have been seen out and about several times since then, including at an Adele concert and a one-man play in L.A.

“He would lean in to whisper into her ear and touch the small of her back as they chatted,” a source said of Orlando at the Golden Globes event. “Katy was showing Orlando her phone. They were both smiling and laughing and then he took her phone and started typing on it.”

Of course, Katy’s relationship with Orlando is sharing time with her busy schedule, which these days includes not just making music but campaigning for Hillary Clinton and taking care of a new pup, who’s been getting a lot of attention on her Instagram account lately.


Katy Perry was, of course, most recently linked to John Mayer; the couple seemed pretty close last year, but a breakup — followed by a seeming reunion at Allison Williams’ wedding — threw fans for a loop. The duo were spotted holding hands at the event, but it was reportedly not a sign that they were ready to get back together.

“They had both agreed to attend the wedding because they are dear friends with the bride and groom, but they are not back together. It was an emotional wedding, and they held hands but only because they will always care about each other,” a source told People.

Perry and Mayer managed to stay away from the usual Hollywood relationship drama when they went their separate ways, however; the source told People that they genuinely care for one another and make an effort to encourage happiness for the other.

“They are exes that everyone can aspire to be like because they are mature and kind and gracious to each other. They were happy to see each other and spend time together at the wedding, but they are not a couple. They’re both going to go out with other people, and they want each other to be happy.”

Perry and Bloom seem to be getting close pretty quickly, but while the couple won’t discuss it publicly, they are having fun with the rumors. Bloom apparently had some fun with paparazzi recently when he pointed to his (bare) ring finger following rumors that he and Katy had secretly tied the knot. Some fans aren’t having it, however, and believe marriage will be coming soon for the duo.

“This is a logical next step for the couple, who have been all over each other ever since they were seen flirting up a storm at a Golden Globes after party. They’ve since made out at an Adele concert, plus jetted off to Hawaii for a series of romantic dates. First comes love, then comes meeting the parents, then comes marriage — isn’t that how the saying goes?” a source told the Daily Mail.

Photo by Jason Merritt / Getty Images