Former NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow – Loving And Serving Others Is ‘Bigger Than Football’

Tim Tebow, former NFL quarterback and outspoken Christian athlete, said that the legacy he would like to leave as a servant of God and others makes his career in the NCAA and NFL pale by comparison.

One News Now, a Christian news website, reports that the former NFL quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner has, for many years, generously given his time and money to help afflicted children and those in need. The former NFL player’s nonprofit Christian humanitarian organization, the Tim Tebow Foundation, has allowed Tebow to further help those in need for many years according to ONN.

Tebow recently hosted the Sixth Annual Celebrity Golf Classic, his latest charity event held in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, and was able to raise more than $5.5 million to pay the medical expenses of children with special needs and those suffering from physical conditions. Tebow made it clear that helping others is more important to him than making a name for himself as a sports legend.

Christian Today reported that the former quarterback expressed his sentiments at the golf charity.

“Tonight is about these kids. It’s not about football. It’s about what we’re doing, through faith, hope and love and the people we serve all over the world. That’s going to be bigger than football every single day of my life.”

According to ONN, Tebow also made it clear that “serving others in the name of God is a reward in and of itself, showing that the best and most memorable times in his life came while helping and loving others – not from scoring touchdowns or setting passing records on the gridiron.”

Tebow continued by saying, “I look forward to this every year. This is a special time.”

“It’s loving people with special needs, caring for people with special needs, about who is being loved and who is being served.”

A number of high-profile stars were featured at the golf charity event, but the former quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles put the focus on who the event was really about – the children.

ONN reported that Danny Wuerffel, a former quarterback for the University of Florida Gators and former NFL player as well, shared about Tebow’s faithful service and dedication to “meet the needs of God’s children.”

“Football is obviously the most known and recognized thing to a lot of people, but when you look at the platform he has, his greatest years are yet to come – whether he plays in a Super Bowl or never plays again.”


The golf charity’s funds that were collected will go to a number of charities that Tebow has sponsored over the years and which primarily focus on helping children overcome challenges and hardships in their lives, according to ONN.

Some of the events are ones that Tebow personally started, such as the Tebow Cure Hospital, a hospital in the Phillipines which specializes in orthopedic treatment of children, which Tebow opened over a year ago. Tebow was born in the Phillipines while his parents served there as missionaries.

Another of Tebow’s charitable organizations that will benefit from the golf charity is the former NFL athlete’s annual Valentine’s Day celebration for special needs teenagers called the Night to Shine Prom.

Also benefiting from the charity event are Timmy’s Playroom for Children’s Hospitals, which helps build playrooms in children’s hospitals around the world. Funds will also go to W15H, which is similar to the Make A Wish foundation, which grants wishes for children with life-threatening illnesses.


The former NFL player also set up the Tim Tebow Bill, which helps home-schooled athletes play sports in public schools. Tebow was home-schooled himself, and got the opportunity to play public high school football.

Tebow was initially drafted into the NFL by the Denver Broncos as their starting quarterback, and after that, he was the quarterback for the New York Jets. After leaving the Jets, Tebow was recruited by the New England Patriots, and more recently, the Philadelphia Eagles. Tebow is still training and aspires to perform in the NFL in the future, but he also looks forward to many more years of service to help and reach youth around the world with God’s love, according to ONN.

[Photo by David Welker/Getty Images]