Bernie Sanders Rally In Salt Lake City Live Stream: Last-Minute ‘Bern’ In Utah On Day Before Crucial Caucuses

Bernie Sanders returns to Salt Lake City for his second huge rally there in five days, and event that will stream live, which should benefit his supporters as thousands are likely to be turned away from the West High School field house, considering that Sanders drew a crowd estimated at 10,000 to an outdoor rally in the Utah capital. Sanders, who has vowed a fight to the end against Hillary Clinton, is making a last minute push ahead of the March 22 voting.

In fact, Bernie Sanders has a rally scheduled in each of the three states that vote or hold caucuses on Tuesday. The post-lunchtime Salt Lake City, Utah, rally will be sandwiched between a morning campaign speech in Boise, Idaho, and an evening event in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Trailing Clinton by a gaping margin of 329 delegates, according to a tally by The Green Papers election data site, Sanders must win all three states to have a realistic chance of even keeping pace with Clinton in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Bernie Sanders Rally In Salt Lake City Live Stream Danny DeVito
Bernie Sanders has been endorsed by actor Danny DeVito (Photo by Whitney Curtis/Getty Images)

A victory in Utah, as well as wins in Idaho and Arizona, could help regain the momentum of a campaign that came into the March 15 “Super Tuesday” primaries on a wave of confidence and boosted supporter morale after a stunning upset of Clinton in Michigan the previous Tuesday — a win that seemed to defy polls that almost unanimously showed Sanders trailing in the state by as much as 20 points just days before the election.

But Sanders then went on to cede all five March 15 states to Clinton, leaving his campaign determined to continue, but at the same time struggling to find a path to victory. The Bernie Sanders Monday blitz through Utah, Idaho and Arizona could be essential in re-establishing his hopes.

Watch the Bernie Sanders rally in Salt Lake City in the video below. Sanders is expected to take the stage at West High School at about 3 p.m. local time — 5 p.m. Eastern, 2 p.m. Pacific.

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For those who missed the Bernie Sanders rally in Salt Lake City in March 18, that full speech can be viewed in the video below.

Young voters certainly have not been discouraged by the struggles of Bernie Sanders at the ballot box, with one recent survey showing a 53 percent to 40 percent lead for Sanders over Clinton among younger voters.

But even Sanders himself — who, at age 75 by the time November rolls around, would be the oldest president ever elected — admitted on Sunday that he has not connected with older voters, and must solve that problem if he is to have a hope of pulling off the historic political comeback that he still believes will carry him past Clinton.

“It’s interesting as we go along this campaign, we are not doing well, we are working on it, I cannot tell you why, we are not doing well with older people,” Sanders told a crowd of supporters gathered at a Sunday rally in Vancouver, Washington — a surprising statement for any candidate to offer from the podium of a campaign rally.

The history of American elections shows that younger voters simply do not turn out at the polls in the same number of older voters. So in Ohio, for example, where Sanders claimed a staggering 81 percent of voters under age 30, Clinton was able to neutralize that advantage by earning votes from 77 percent of voters over age 65.

Amazingly, however, a poll released by the Salt Lake City newspaper Deseret News on Sunday showed that in a general election, either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton would defeat Donald Trump in Utah, a state where Republican presidential candidates have won in every election since 1964.

After his triple-state rally day on Monday, Bernie Sanders will hold his election night rally on Tuesday not in any one of the three states voting that day, but in California — a clear indication that the underdog candidates hopes that the state’s 548 delegates will still be there to push him over the top when California voters wrap up the primary season on June 7.

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