Jared Fogle In Danger? Steven Nigg 'Doesn't Like' Child Molesters, Would Beat Fogle Again

Effie Orfanides

Is Jared Fogle's life in danger? According to TMZ, Fogle -- who is in jail after being convicted in a shocking child pornography case -- was beat up by another inmate back in January. Reports indicate that inmate Steven Nigg, 60, had it out for Fogle the moment he arrived at the Englewood Correctional facility. Sources say that the prison guards made it seem like Fogle was so "untouchable" that their warnings about behavior had an adverse effect on Nigg, who is in prison until 2024 on weapons charges.

And so, Jared Fogle was badly beaten, left with a bloody nose and a swollen face after taking several punches from Nigg. Now, the public is learning a bit more about Nigg and why he felt as though he "had to hit" Jared Fogle.

"He had to hit him. That's how the whole thing started. He just can't be around child molesters. He doesn't like them," Steven's brother, Jimmy, told People Magazine after news of the prison fight went viral. "He can't figure out why you would do that to kids. He says, 'I can't be around those people,'" Jimmy added.

— vaughnholloway (@vaughnholloway) March 17, 2016

"Steven Nigg was placed in 'the hole' – solitary confinement – for 10 days and had his 'good time' revoked as punishment for the beating on Fogle, his brother said. The U.S. Bureau of Prisons would not confirm the assault or punishment 'based on the need to ensure safety and security in our institutions and in accordance with legal requirements including the Privacy Act,' a spokesman said."

"Fogle went to great lengths to engage in commercial sex acts with underage minors... He continually communicated with the prostituted minors in his attempts to find even younger children for sex. He specified the ages he wanted, including 14 and 15 year olds," read the government's pre-sentencing filing, via People Magazine.

Jared Fogle was known as the "Subway guy" for several years. He became the eateries spokesperson after depending on a diet consisting of their food to lose incredible amounts of weight. Fans of his were completely shocked to learn of the child pornography charges brought against him and can't believe that he actually did what he was accused of.

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