Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Johnny Manziel Could Eventually Be A Target For The Cowboys

After being released by the Cleveland Browns earlier in the month, Johnny Manziel was rumored to be a target for the Dallas Cowboys to fill their backup quarterback role. While the team has always reportedly had an interest in Manziel, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones recently claimed that the organization is not interested in him at the present time. Regardless of the team’s lack of interest in the immediate future, Jones left the door open for the Cowboys to go after Manziel at some point.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Manziel has long been linked to the Dallas Cowboys. Jones actually wanted to draft Manziel with the team’s first-round pick a few years ago, but he was talked out of it by other members of the organization. Even with Manziel’s failures as an NFL quarterback, Jones was still interested in signing Manziel as recently as a few weeks ago. The event that changed Jones’ mind was not his play on the field, but Manziel’s alleged assault of his former girlfriend, according to Sports Illustrated.

“As recently as early January, league sources say at least two teams—one being the Cowboys—had legitimate interest in Manziel. That was before the alleged assault on Crowley. Now, those same sources say that unless Manziel seeks treatment, he’s ‘untouchable.’ His actions since Crowley’s accusations surfaced—chugging bottles at nightclubs from Miami to West Hollywood, dancing at a strip club—demonstrate such apparent disregard, it raises the question: If he never plays football again, does he even care?”

While Manziel’s behavior is currently out of control, he is still only 23-years-old. He has not shown much of anything during his time in the NFL, but part of that can be attributed to his issues off of the field. In nine games in 2015, Manziel threw for 1,500 yards, seven touchdowns, and five interceptions. While the numbers are not anything extraordinary, the potential is still there for Manziel.


Set to turn 36-years-old in April, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is still an elite player when healthy. The problem for Romo is that the injuries are starting to add up. While Romo is expected to be healthy for the 2016 season, the Cowboys are in big trouble if Romo goes down again. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Cowboys were rumored to be interested in drafting Carson Wentz or Jared Goff with the No. 4 overall pick, but Jones has denied reports that the team will select a quarterback in the first round.

If the team does not draft a quarterback this year, they are going to make things difficult for themselves in a few years. While Manziel is not the answer for 2016, he could be groomed behind Romo for a few seasons. Regardless of Manziel’s potential, his biggest hurdle is himself. If he continues to be a distraction, not follow team rules, and drink alcohol excessively, he has no chance of ever making it in the NFL. If he decides that he wants to make something of himself, Dallas could be the perfect place.

Being from Texas, Manziel could be closer to home if he ultimately signs with the Cowboys. While being near home is not going to solve all of his problems, he will at least have more support from family and friends nearby.

As reported by The Dallas Morning News, Manziel has signed with agent Drew Rosenhaus.

“Rosenhaus’ first task for Manziel will be convincing a team to take a chance on the troubled quarterback after two full years spent in the news for all the wrong reasons.”

As one of the top agents in the NFL, Rosenhaus is going to work with Manziel to become the person that he needs to become. While it may not happen before the 2016 season, do not be surprised if Manziel is on the radar of certain NFL teams this time next year, and that includes the Dallas Cowboys.


Since Manziel will probably come cheap, he could be a low-risk, high-reward signing for Jones and the Cowboys. While he has proven to be a distraction in the past, the odds are great that there would be clauses in the contract that would allow the team to get rid of him easily.

With the Dallas Cowboys are denying reports that they are going to draft a quarterback in the opening round of the NFL draft, the team is eventually going to have to figure out Tony Romo’s replacement. While Johnny Manziel is unlikely to join the team this year, rumors are going to continue to connect him with the Dallas Cowboys for 2017 and beyond.

[Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images]