‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Casting Rumors: Emma Roberts Wants To Come Back And Work With Lady Gaga

Emma Roberts wants to come back to American Horror Story and let her fans know recently that her “dream” is to work with Lady Gaga. Roberts joined the cast in Season 3 and came back for Season 4 before taking a break to take a role in another Ryan Murphy creation, Scream Queens. With a few changes in the filming of her new Fox hit series, could Roberts be coming back for another season of AHS?

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Emma was asked when she was coming back to American Horror Story. She responded, “hopefully next season.” Roberts explained that she took some time off because of a scheduling conflict when Lady Gaga made her debut. “Last year, it just didn’t work out ’cause I was still shooting Scream Queens,” Roberts said during Paleyfest in the ET interview. “But now that Scream Queens is shooting in L.A. and not New Orleans, maybe I’ll just have to walk over to the stage and force myself onto the show.”

Little is known about Season 6 of American Horror Story, and the FX series is known for keeping very quiet about casting and the plot for the upcoming season until the very last minute. So far, we know that Ryan Murphy is so impressed with Lady Gaga in AHS: Hotel, that he’s already signed her for the next season. That is literally the only confirmed information that we have about the next season of AHS.

Denis O’Hare is also hoping to join the cast and work with Lady Gaga again. At Walker Stalker Dallas earlier in the month, O’Hare told The Inquisitr that casting news and plot spoilers are kept a secret even from veteran actors on the show until just before filming. O’Hare said that last year, he didn’t get a call about being cast in American Horror Story: Hotel until June. Of course, we’re aware that if he did know what was going on behind the scenes, he wasn’t just going to blab it all out during a fan convention, but it was interesting to talk about.

Another hopeful to return for another round of American Horror Story is Emma Roberts’ boyfriend Evan Peters. Evan has been involved in every single season of the FX hit series and it would be pretty shocking for fans if he chose not to return. Especially now that Emma is filming Scream Queens in Los Angeles.

It hasn’t been confirmed why Scream Queens moved their filming location, but it certainly does make it easier for Emma Roberts and others to cross over and play on both shows. Ryan Murphy is known for casting actors in other series’ that he is working on and a great example of that would be Sarah Paulson’s role of Marcia Clark on American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson. With all of Ryan Murphy’s major projects filming in the same city, fans can expect to see more of his favorite actors taking on roles in other projects that he is involved in.

Fans are also hoping that Jessica Lange will make a comeback to American Horror Story for Season 6. Although Lange said she was retiring from the show, many are still hopeful that she’ll have a change of heart and face off with Lady Gaga. If not, Emma Roberts has also admitted that she’d love to go head to head with Gaga herself. Are you hoping Roberts gets a chance to return to the FX hit or should she stay over on Scream Queens? Which AHS actors do you want to be cast again with Lady Gaga for Season 6?

[Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]