Jeremiah Willis Of ‘The Willis Family’ Opens Up About His Broken Engagement

This week The Willis Family returned to TLC and viewers can’t get enough of this family. People shared that Jeremiah Willis is now speaking out about his broken engagement. Things didn’t end up working out for him, but Jeremiah Willis is now moving on and revealing what happened causing it to fall apart. Viewers got to know his fiancé, Mary Meyer, on The Willis Family, but then they called off their engagement.


Jeremiah actually revealed part of what made his relationship with Mary not work out. Here is what Willis had to say about it all.

“We disagreed on some things and so she gave me back the ring. I decided that I was going to work with my family, tour with my family. She didn’t want that, and so that’s where we broke it off. Unfortunately, we don’t even see each other or speak anymore. And I think that’s very sad.”

Jeremiah Willis is very close to his family and their group is important to him. They have been going on tour and have done over 300 dates in the last couple of years. Jeremiah Willis went on tour with his family and it turns out that Mary Meyer wasn’t really okay with this decision. Jeremiah shared a bit more.

“Although it’s tough, I’ve moved on, and now I know what I really want. I have no idea where I will find her, or if I already know her.”


At this time, Jeremiah Willis has shared that he is not rushing into a new relationship. If he is even considering dating anyone, then Willis isn’t sharing what is going on right now. After being engaged and calling it quits, Jeremiah seems to be waiting to jump into any new relationship.

On last week’s episode of The Willis Family, they also shared about how their house burned down and the family was living in a rental house. They lost a lot of things that were important to them, including photos and all of their instruments. The Willis family is very thankful that nobody was injured considering that they know things could have been a lot worse.

As WGN TV shared, The Willis Family has been through a lot over the years and they know what real tragedy is like. There are 12 kids in this family and after their fire, they were very lucky that they only lost items and that everyone survived. Over 20 years ago, a car crash and fire actually took the life of Toby’s siblings. Six of his siblings passed away in this accident. Toby Willis’ wife, Brenda, shared some of the details.

“When the accident happened, I was married, had two kids, and actually we had #3 on the way. I was pregnant with Jenny. And, the first thing my Mom said was, ‘Bren, you’ve got to remember to take care of yourself. You can’t get so overwhelmed emotionally that you’ll hurt the baby that you’re carrying.'”

As Brenda Willis shared, when her mother-in-law had a fire she lost six of her children. Brenda was very lucky that when the Willis family had a fire, they only lost items and everyone in their family was able to survive. It is obvious she is grateful despite what they want through.

Are you shocked to hear Jeremiah Willis talking about his relationship falling apart? Do you think that they will end up back together again? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of The Willis Family on TLC on Tuesday nights.

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