Kourtney Kardashian Shows Off Toned Abs On Instagram After Sister Khloe Calls Her 'My Motivation'

Noel Zelindo

Kourtney Kardashian may be hesitant to get back into the dating scene following her split from longtime boyfriend Scott Disick, but it looks like the mom-of-three isn't shy when it comes to flaunting her toned physique on Instagram.

On Sunday, Kourtney Kardashian took to Instagram to show off the results of her recent gym dedication by sharing a sultry photo of herself lounging in the sun while donning a black string bikini.


"Sunday funday!" Kourtney Kardashian captioned the nearly-revealing shot while flaunting her toned tummy, backside, and legs.

Kourtney's eye-catching Instagram photo comes just days after Khloe Kardashian praised her sister's sculpted abs in her own Instagram post while revealing that Kourtney is her "motivation" when it comes to achieving results in the gym.


"Can you believe my sisters abs?!?!?? I mean…….Ok @kourtneykardash I see you boo!!!!!" Khloe wrote in the caption of a black-and-white post-gym photo alongside sister Kourtney.

"I miss my workout buddy!!!" Khloe continued before telling sister Kourtney, "You're my motivation!"

While it's no secret that Kourtney Kardashian has been hitting the gym more frequently following her abrupt split from Scott Disick last year, oftentimes showing off her post-workout results via a mirror selfie on Instagram, it doesn't appear that reality star is concerned with getting back into the dating scene just yet.

— EntertainmentTonight (@etnow) December 30, 2015

"I've been like, 'Do you want to go on a date? Like, what do you want?'" Khloe explained in regard to Kourtney's dating life. When asked about Kourtney's apprehension to dating, Khloe speculates that it takes time "for moms to stop believing they would have a hard time finding someone because they have children," noting, "Everybody, Kourtney, would want to bone you. So stop."

Last month, Khloe opened up about her sister's healthy dieting practices in a blog post shared to her personal website in which she reveals that Kardashian does not "allow soda" in her home and that her sister is a stickler for eating organic "everything," Daily Mail reports.

— Ozzay! (@donozone) January 21, 2016

In addition, Khloe notes that if Kourtney finds "something that is not organic" in her home, she'll "give it away."

"I think it's important to eat organic, but there are definitely times when I run to my local big-box store for groceries. When that happens, Kourtney will straight-up look through my fridge and if she sees something that is not organic, she'll give it away!" Khloe explains, noting that her sister also avoids products such as "microwaves and plastic storage containers" and eats only Ezekiel bread.

While Khloe admits to sticking to a strict diet and exercise regimen in order to further her weight loss goals, it looks like Kourtney Kardashian's dedication to her healthy habits are paying off in the form of flawless Instagram photos.

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