Perrie Edwards ‘Looking Like A Dead Corpse’ After Zayn Malik’s Snide Comments

Is everything okay with Perrie Edwards of Little Mix? Fans may be wondering if she is in a sad state after she posted a picture on Instagram on March 20 that was captioned with “Looking like a dead corpse”… and no other explanation!

This post came after a series of successful concerts Perrie Edwards performed with Little Mix for their Get Weird Tour. Sadly, according to Movie News Guide, another reason that Perrie Edwards could be expression-less on March 20 is due to some snide comments from her ex-boyfriend, Zayn Malik, that may have been directed at Perrie Edwards.

However, while Zayn Malik may have been throwing shade at Little Mix and Perrie Edwards because of their sexy tour outfits, MTV points out that their band styles could instead be interpreted as a sign of “fashion independence.”

Is this what some Little Mix fans expect from their stage costumes? (Picture by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

In short, Perrie Edwards and Little Mix might have expensive tastes in designer clothes, but the key is that they were not “the product of a larger, domineering machine” and were in control of themselves.

About their costumes, Perrie Edwards told the Mirror around March 16 that “We wear what we feel comfortable in. We’re not overly sexy in what we do anyway. We go for sexy/cute. We’d never want to be ­scandalous.”

Speaking of independent women in control of themselves, Perrie Edwards seems to be emphasizing this a lot lately on social media. On March 20, Perrie Edwards tweeted, “I don’t think a woman should ever feel the need for a man.”

The same weekend, Perrie Edwards also posted a picture of Little Mix on Instagram captioned with “Getting to share the stage every night with my three sisters is a dream!”


Hearing crew-positive messages from Perrie Edwards should be no surprise to her fans, since she is well-known for loyalty to her friends. Attitude interviewed Perrie Edwards in July 2015, and she stated the following about standing up for her squad at art school.

“[W]hen we’d go on a night out my gay friends would get stick and I’d get so pissed off. I’d get into fights over standing up for our gay mates, saying ‘who are you to judge?'”

Speaking of friends, it appears that the friend-web between Perrie Edwards and One Direction is still intact post-Zayn. This is especially true now that Perrie Edwards’ friend, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, is dating Liam Payne of One Direction.

According to the Independent, Perrie Edwards revealed that Cheryl and Liam are perfect for each other … as long as Cheryl is happy.

In the meantime, Perrie Edwards has been taking time out of her busy schedule with the new Little Mix Get Weird Tour to support her favorite regional football team in Newcastle, according to Shields Gazette.

Perrie Edwards dresses for style and comfort
Little Mix and Perrie Edwards defend their wardrobe for the Get Weird Tour and say they are dressing for comfort. (Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

Perrie Edwards is a native of the Newcastle region, according to the Daily Mail, and, around March 18, Perrie Edwards sang a song on Snapchat related to Newcastle F.C. before the Tyne-Wear derby against Sunderland.

They also report that Perrie Edwards and Jade Thirlwall “joked on stage at their gig about their male dancers being dressed in black and white stripes and about the dads in the audience perking up at the mention of the derby.”

As for the “looking like a dead corpse” comment, this could be construed in a number of different ways. For instance, Perrie Edwards’ stone-cold gaze could be a response to Zayn Malik’s assumed shade about her Get Weird Tour costumes.

Digital Spy reports that Zayn Malik recently tweeted “Love how people feel liberated naked.. Read a book liberate your brain.” This was posted within a short period of time after Perrie Edwards was being criticized for the athletic-cut stage costumes Little Mix uses for their dance routines during their Get Weird Tour performances.

[Picture by Matthew Horwood/Stringer/Getty Images]