Jamila Majesty: Katt Williams And Girls Beat Actress, Burned Her Face, Used Wiccan Witchcraft And Strange Fire

Jamila Majesty has some horrific claims of what the actress says she suffered at the hands of Katt Williams. Katt has been arrested so many times recently that his rap sheet reads like a novel. A recent fight video featuring Katt went viral, as reported by the Inquisitr. On Tuesday, March 8, Williams was seen in the above booking photo after “Micah Katt Williams” faced multiple charges, including assault. Only seven days prior to that day, on Monday, March 1, Katt was arrested after an alleged fight with a pool supply store worker. Now comes Majesty’s harrowing tale with the actress claiming Williams held her captive for hours in his Los Angeles home after a group of people reportedly beat her after she used Katt’s bathroom.

As reported by Page Six, Jamila’s claims came to life after she filed suit against Katt on Thursday. Majesty says she met Williams, 44, back in April 2014 at a film premiere — and before long, the 36-year-old Jamila would find herself too close for comfort to Williams.

On July 18, 2014, Majesty said a woman not wearing many clothes welcomed her to Katt’s home, parked her car, and everything. Jamila said she next saw three women in Katt’s home — one that appeared pretty young, not older than 18. As the young woman baked cookies, Katt beckoned Majesty upstairs, where she said she saw a gun hanging from a throne, as well as a book about witchcraft.

Williams said the trio of women would sleep in Katt’s bed that evening.

“At one point, Majesty noticed a Wiccan book on a table.”

As if in a move of ultimate vanity, Katt aired footage of his own comedic performances, and Majesty claimed that Williams got mad when she turned her attention from the TV in order to ask Williams a question. Using his bathroom is what really sent Majesty over to Katt’s bad side. Oddly, Majesty says that when she used Katt’s master bathroom after he went downstairs and returned, she incurred the wrath of Williams and his clan.

“Majesty claimed Williams spoke of God while he burned her with cigarettes on her face and cheeks and repeatedly screamed, ‘Are you a Michael Jackson fan?'”

Jamila says her beating took place over the course of more than three hours, with Katt ultimately telling the others to let Majesty leave — but not without warnings to not tell the police. Jamila said Katt and his people beat her and would apply ice to wake her up to beat her once more. Majesty ended up telling the police, whom she claims did nothing — even with Jamila’s alleged claims that Katt threatened her life by saying he knew gang members who could kill her.

According to the New York Daily News, Majesty suffered burns and scars on her face, broken ribs, and split tendons. Another odd claim Jamila claimed to have witnessed was a fire in Katt’s home that didn’t use strictly something like normal wood as kindling.

“[Katt’s fire] was fed with unusual things for a fire, I am not sure what, but my intuition picked up on it and the fire smelled of sweetness more so than a normal fire.”

Majesty got away from Katt’s home with her life at 1:30 a.m., claims the actress, after driving herself home whilst in a state of bleeding in the wake of the melee. It was the exact same day that Katt and others were charged with assaulting other women and stealing their cell phones, as reported by the New York Daily News, after one woman said Kevin Hart was funnier than Katt.

As reported by VH1, reality star Hazel E. said she was on a break from Katt and was really hoping that Williams would get serious help.

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[AP Photo/Courtesy of the Hall County Sheriff’s Office]