Paul Ryan Rips Donald Trump For Comments On Rioting

Paul Ryan has been getting more vocal with his replies to Donald Trump’s comments in recent weeks. It has become clear that he does not support Trump’s bid for the 2016 Republican nomination, like many others in the party. The latest reply to Trump came after the comments that Trump made about potential rioting if another candidate is chosen instead of him should it come down to a contested convention.

Trump was given an opportunity to crush the rioters, which is something that many have been calling for him to do. Instead, he gave a mixed speech about how he would understand if people decided to riot and how he expects riots.

I don’t want to see riots. I don’t want to see problems. But, you know, you have — you have millions of people who we’re talking about, George, millions of additional people have gone. You know, I’ve gotten more than 2 million votes more than anybody else, 2 million votes, more than anybody else. I think you’d have riots. I think you’d have riots. I’m representing a tremendous, many, many millions of people.”

While he covered himself by saying he didn’t want to see riots, he definitely gave the rioters what they needed to hear in order to go ahead and do it.

Donald Trump was criticized by Paul Ryan once again. [Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images]After seeing those comments, it was just a matter of time before someone came out and called him out. Ryan was the one to do it, and was very vocal with his displeasure in Trump’s comments and his belief that the nomination will end up going to the convention.

Nobody should say such things in my opinion because to even address or hint at violence is unacceptable. This is more likely to become an open convention than we thought before, so we’re getting our minds around the idea that this could very well become a reality, and therefore those of us that are involved in the convention need to respect that.”

At this point in time, Trump is correct that the voters have been favoring him. That being said, Ted Cruz has been receiving a lot of support, as well. If things did come down to a contested convention, it is far from being a sure thing that Trump would end up being the nominee with the immaturity that he has shown throughout the process.

Looking ahead at the remainder of the primary voting, Trump may face a bit more competition. Marco Rubio chose to drop out of the presidential race, and a lot of his supporters will hop on the Cruz bandwagon.

Paul Ryan wasn't happy with Donald Trump's comments on riots. [Photo by Olivier Douliery/Getty Images]It was good to hear Ryan come out and rip into Trump for his comments. Trump has time and time again refused to shut down the violence and angry protesting that has followed him. Not only has he refused to shut down the violence, he has actually egged it on himself with some of the things he has said at rallies.

No presidential candidate should ever come across sounding like he is encouraging any kind of violence.

Even though Ryan has already shut down the rumors about him running for president, he would be a much better candidate than Trump. He would be a much better candidate than Cruz has been for the most part as well. Ryan would come across as a much more presidential candidate than anyone currently in the running.

Trump needs to be very careful moving forward if he wants to have a chance at winning outright. Angering people like Ryan and other big names in the party is not a good idea. Ryan has a solid following, and they will not support Trump if Ryan is calling him out like this.

Do you think that Paul Ryan was right in his criticism of Donald Trump’s comments? Has Trump been part of the violence that has surrounded his campaign with some of his comments?

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