Voters In MA Plan To Sue Bill Clinton For Alleged ‘Illegal Electioneering’ On Super Tuesday Primary Day

A group of Bernie Sanders supporters in Massachusetts is rumored to be in the process of suing former President Bill Clinton, alleging that he was illegally campaigning for his wife Hillary Clinton during the Massachusetts Primary on March 1. On Super Tuesday, reports emerged that Bill Clinton was seen within 150 feet of polling stations while the polls were open. According to reports and photographs shared online, Clinton even walked into polling stations on Super Tuesday. Laws enforcing how close to a polling location anyone campaigning for a candidate are allowed to be are active in all 50 states.

A draft of the voters’ civil action reportedly alleges that, “Bill Clinton, did disenfranchise a large group of voters by diluting their votes through illegal campaign activity in and near polling stations. This disenfranchisement was deliberate, carefully crafted, and effective.”

The complaint reportedly states that Bill Clinton’s presence affected the outcome of the primary.

“Given the large number of ‘undecided’ voters and the extremely narrow margin of victory for Hillary Clinton, there was sufficient fluidity in the race for Bill Clinton’s illegal electioneering to have made a significant impact, and to have reversed the verdict of the voters by handing victory to Clinton rather than to Sanders. With 100,00 undecided voters and a margin of victory of only 16,800 votes, it is eminently plausible that Bill Clinton impacted the final result.

Hillary Clinton won the states’ democratic primary by an extremely small margin on Super Tuesday.

“I am an attorney in MA with years of election law experience. These violations are outrageous. If anyone else tried them, they would be hauled off in cuffs. Sign me up if you need assistance on the case,” Theodore Bosen, member of the Plymouth Area District Bar Association and Massachusetts Academy of Criminal Defense Lawyers, wrote in response to a release on HubPages, which provided a link to the PDF of Complaint, which could not be accessed at the time of this reporting.

The lawsuit reportedly also names Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin as a defendant, alleging Galvin looked the other way while Bill Clinton broke election law. The complaint, according to the Hub Pages release, reportedly states that Secretary Galvin’s statement saying that Clinton did not break the law, provided he did not actually utter words like, “vote for Hillary” is “beyond absurd.”

“The former president did not land at ground zero of a key battleground state and enter the polls because there was no place else to get a cup of coffee. Bill Clinton does not need a button or a sign (which it is illegal to wear or display inside a polling place.) In his very person, the presidential candidate’s fabulously famous husband amounts to a walking, talking sign for Hillary.”

When Clinton was inside West Roxbury and Newton polling places, Clinton was spotted and caught on camera shaking hands and taking pictures with people, according to social media reports. According to Snopes, the filming of Bill Clinton inside a polling place in West Roxbury did occur, but Massachusetts state officials called the campaign and reminded the Clintons of polling place laws.

The plaintiffs reportedly plan to file the lawsuit in this coming week in Boston Federal Court and will be asking a judge to invalidate the Massachusetts results, and award the Massachusetts pledged delegates to Bernie Sanders. The plaintiffs will reportedly argue that, “To merely reapportion a small number of delegates would do nothing to discourage similar future violations of electioneering laws, because in some cases, a small risk for getting caught might be worth it.”

The exact text of the Massachusetts polling place law can be found online. Let us know what you think in the comments area below. It remains uncertain if the alleged lawsuit will make it before a judge, and officials in Massachusetts have said Clinton is not guilty of an election crime, but do you think Bill Clinton violated voters’ rights on Super Tuesday in Massachusetts?

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