Blacks For Donald Trump: #BlacksForTrump Confuses The Internet [Video]

The fact that a black man named Tony Pettway went to bat for Donald Trump so much that Pettway was arrested in Tucson, Arizona, on Saturday, March 19, for attacking an anti-Trump protester is causing racial buzz online, as reported by the Inquisitr. But Pettway isn’t the only black person being buzzed about online for falling into the “blacks for Trump” category.

With Trump supporters yelling for blacks to go back to Africa, and black pastors supporting Trump and calling Trump “humble,” backlash from the Internet has followed.

There is actually a BLACKS FOR TRUMP Twitter account with more than 2,000 followers at @BlacksForTrump, which features lots of black-themed Trump supporters, and a description that purports to claim that African-American conservatives are automatically Trump supporters.

“Hey! Obama Support Trump as he supports us. & Our White Sister:

A search for the “blacks for Trump” hashtag on Twitter returns lots of photos of black people holding Trump signs, some looking happier than others. The young African-American man in the following photo from Twitter doesn’t seem as joyful to hold the Trump sign as the other black men he’s with.


Indeed, the Gateway Pundit reported on a rally at Trump Tower in New York City on Saturday, March 19. One specific black Trump supporter was the focus of the piece, with claims that Rev. Al Sharpton doesn’t speak for all black people.


With a sign that had Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan on it, the black man was held up as a pro-Trump black guy speaking against the #CrushTrump rally anti-Trump supporters.



The part that appears to confuse the Internet about black pro-Trump supporters is the shock that comes with charges of racism surrounding Trump. As reported by the Huffington Post, Trump has been sued for racial discrimination, calls black people “the blacks,” and has allegedly said that black people are lazy — with Trump being quoted as saying he didn’t want black people counting his money.

As seen in the above top photo, an anti-Donald Trump protester held up a sign accusing the Republican presidential candidate of racism. It was during the same heated Trump rally wherein Pettway made the news for being a black Trump supporter who punched and kicked a pro-Trump man on Saturday, March 19, in Tucson, Arizona.

Perhaps the most popular and vocal black Trump supporters are women who go by the monikers of “Diamond and Silk” on their YouTube channel. The duo has long laid out their reasons for supporting Trump, with YouTube comments sections filled with comments calling the African-American women all sorts of names due to their blind allegiance to Trump. The two even documented their visit to a Trump rally on their YouTube account, when Trump invited them and brought them on stage and ordered them to “do a little routine.”

Of course, not everyone posting under the #BlacksForTrump hashtags online are ones that are from black people supporting Trump. Some are using the #BlacksForTrump label to try and figure out why some African-Americans would support Trump at all, with the racism accusations that surround Trump.


On Instagram, the #blacksfortrump hashtag enjoys 248 posts. For example, one post using that hashtag is the Donald J. Trump for 2016 account, which makes sure to include a video of a black man in Chicago who stands his ground for Trump as he protests the Bernie Sanders protesters.

The same account claims that Pettway was called the N-word by the anti-Trump protester whom Pettway attacked, by punching and kicking the man prior to being arrested.

On Facebook, the #BlacksForTrump hashtag features videos of other blacks, like Mike Tyson, who’ve come out in support of Trump — as well as a variety of opinions on African-Americans supporting Trump.

[Photo by AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin]