‘The 100’ Season 3, Episode 9: Bellamy Redeemed Or To Die Trying? Pike Betrayed, But It Might Be Too Late

The 100 Season 3, Episode 9 is titled “Stealing Fire” and there are new spoilers and theories circulating the Internet prior to its airing. With Pike’s order to execute Kane, everyone in Arkadia now takes the new chancellor seriously. Spoilers for the next episode reveal that Bellamy betrays Pike. Will his plan work and can Bellamy be redeemed? Or will The 100 lose another character?

As previously reported by Inquisitr, The 100 promo clip for “Stealing Fire” shows Bellamy trying to convince others in Arkadia to help him. It is assumed that Bob Morley’s character is talking about saving Kane. On the last episode of The 100, Pike issued a death sentence to Kane in order to make an example out of the former chancellor. Pike wants every person in Arkadia to know that betraying him, questioning his decisions and not obeying orders is unacceptable and punishable by death.

Ever since Pike first spoke to Bellamy about the anti-Grounder mission, fans of The 100 have doubted the new leader’s intentions. Pike specifically chose to talk about war against the Grounders after Bellamy lost his girlfriend. His grief was fresh, he had not processed her death yet and Bellamy’s emotions were all over the place. This is exactly what Pike was counting on.

Pike knew exactly what he was doing when recruiting Bellamy for the anti-Grounder mission. Bellamy participated in mass murder, had his friends arrested and started a war with the Grounders. Thanks to Bellamy, more characters in The 100 may die, including a few fan favorites.

During Season 3 of The 100, it was clear that Bellamy had issues with some of Pike’s decisions. Sometimes he spoke up, like his revelation that killing the Grounders army was going too far. However, most of the time, Bellamy kept his mouth shut.

“Bellamy is definitely on the road to a decision point that he will not be able to go any further down Pike’s path,” Jason Rothenberg told TV Line regarding Bellamy and Pike‘s storyline in The 100. “The question is: How far will he go down that path before that decision point happens? He definitely believes in what he’s doing. He’s torn. He’s not a fool. He understands the extreme measures being taken, and he still believes in them at the moment, and is trusting Pike. But there will come a point, we hope, where that’s no longer the case.”

It seems that it is time for Bellamy to see things as they really are in The 100. Now that Pike’s true intentions are clear, Bellamy is determined to stop the ruthless leader. Spoiler TV posted an extended promo clip for “Stealing Fire.” It reveals that Bellamy tries to redeem himself and fix things, but is it too late? In The 100, Bellamy desperately tries to get others to help him. Unfortunately, nobody wants to defy Pike and risk receiving the death penalty. Like Octavia told Bellamy in The 100 promo for “Stealing Fire,” nobody would need saving if it weren’t for him.

Bellamy may be desperate to save Kane, Lincoln, Sinclaire and everyone else in Arkadia, but will he be able to succeed? Pike may be ruthless, but he is also intelligent and paranoid. He doesn’t trust anyone, which is why he has the Sky People spying on each other. Pike knows that Bellamy disagrees with some of his decisions, especially with Kane’s death penalty. The new chancellor in The 100 is watching Bellamy carefully and can probably predict his next move. Will he be able to outsmart Pike and redeem himself? Or will Bellamy die trying when The 100 returns?

The 100 returns to The CW with season 3, episode 9 on March 31.

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