Miranda Lambert Pet Product Line: Blake Shelton’s Ex Launches Business To Help Animals

Miranda Lambert has a new pet product line and all the proceeds will to go benefit the animal charity MuttNation Foundation, which was founded by Blake Shelton’s ex.

Lambert has always been vocal about not only her love of animals but also her desire to help them. At the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida, this week Miranda revealed that she had created a line of pet products called MuttNation Fueled by Miranda Lambert and that all the profits from the line will go to the MuttNation Foundation.


Miranda’s pet product line will consist of pretty much everything a cat or dog could need for a happy life. Lambert teamed up with international pet brand Petmate to create a line that includes chew toys, beds, clothes and leashes. The best part of this venture from Blake Shelton’s ex, is that it will not only sell the products but the money will go to help aid in the rescue and adoption of cats and dogs.

“The creation of MuttNation is a dream come true. It’s an extension of me and my mom’s love for all dogs and our goal of helping every dog find a happy, loving home. Here are millions of beautiful dogs looking for homes and it is our hope that in addition to raising money, we will raise awareness to the joy of adopting a shelter pet.”

The pet product line created by Miranda Lambert is inspired by the singer herself and is being described a country meets rock and roll style. It is not that different from how Blake Shelton’s ex has described her own personal style.

It is not surprise that Lambert has created her own line of pet products. The “Over You” singer owns a slew of animals, dogs, cats, pigs, horses, chickens and those are only the animals she has talked about. Considering that Miranda is all about rescuing, aiding and saving animals, it is only fitting that her pet product line would have their proceeds go towards her MuttNation Foundation, which is the focus of her company. Those that who are interested in learning more can visit the Facebook page for the foundation.

News of Miranda Lambert’s pet product line is another way the singer is moving past her divorce with Blake Shelton. Since their split, Shelton has announced he is moving on with Gwen Stefani, and Lambert has not been shy about moving on with her life. Miranda has a lot to keep her busy these days with her current tour, Keeper of The Flame Tour and her new boyfriend Anderson Earl. All signs point to Lambert embracing life after marriage.

Miranda has taken her passion and love for animals to the next level by creating a pet product line. Although she has proven a long time ago that she is all about action when it comes to protecting animals, Lambert has taken it one step further with her MuttNation Foundation. She is truly an inspirational woman, who is willing to put her money where her mouth is when it comes to what she loves.


Miranda Lambert has a lot going on in her life, but that didn’t stop her form taking on a new venture involving a topic very close to her heart: animals. While her new business focuses mostly on things for dogs and cats, Lambert is a lover of all animals and it would not be shocking at all if this isn’t just the beginning of a number of business ventures involving her desire to help animals.

What do you think of Lambert launching a new pet product line? Will you be purchasing any of the products for your cat or dog?

[Photo by Rick Diamond/Staff/Getty Images]