‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Will Carol Sacrifice Herself To Negan To Save Glenn In Shocking Season 6 Finale?

The Walking Dead Season 6 finale is coming up in just two short weeks. As fans get closer to the end of the TWD season, we’re learning more and more about how the final episode is going to play out. One thing we do know for sure is that Negan will finally be revealed in the episode titled “Last Day On Earth” and he will be killing someone. TWD cast and crew have been very secretive over the last few weeks about spoilers being leaked so it’s hard to tell who Negan will kill but there are some pretty interesting theories about who it might be.

Robert Kirkman has been pretty adamant for more than a year that Glenn will be killed by Negan with the barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat that he calls Lucille. The idea that Glenn would die in this way has been leaked, spoiled, and rumored so often and for so long that it’s hard for fans to even believe he’ll really die that way.

Kirkman already has proved many times that a character’s comic book death is not necessarily the same fate for the characters in the AMC series. As a matter of fact, Carol has already escaped her comic book death and has evolved into an entirely different character than the crazy woman from the comics. Instead, Kirkman and the rest of the TWD crew have turned Carol into a ruthless killing machine, as proved again last week when she and Maggie were able to outsmart, escape from, and kill a group of Negan’s Saviors who had been holding them hostage.

This week, Abraham will escape his comic book death and instead, Denise will take the arrow in her eye even though many suspect Abraham will be dying soon anyway. The point is, the comic book storyline has been followed but not perfectly, and there is a pretty good possibility that Negan will kill someone other than Glenn on The Walking Dead Season 6 finale. Many have pointed out that Daryl would be more likely to die than Glenn, but we’re thinking someone else might become the Season 6 hero.

There is a fan theory floating online that has many TWD fans thinking Carol might actually die in a shocking twist during “Last Day On Earth,” and plenty of foreshadowing is backing that up. Carol is one of the five original characters from Season 1. As Forbes pointed out, Robert Kirkman said in the past that he will not kill Carol but there are a few reasons why that might not matter.

For starters, Kirkman talked about Carol last year when explaining how the AMC character differs so much from the comic book Carol. Also, Kirkman has been known to say things that will throw TWD fans off the trail of the real spoilers. In the comic books, Carol is pretty crazy and she certainly isn’t the bada** warrior like in the AMC series. There is nothing better on The Walking Dead than getting to die a hero and that might happen for Carol.

When Negan has Rick’s group of survivors all lined up after catching them on a run, he will kill one of them. In the comic books, he doesn’t give Rick a choice and just randomly kills Glenn. This is a huge deal for Maggie, who is pregnant with Glenn’s child, because his death is one of the motivators for her transcendence into a much bigger leadership role.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, there is a fan theory that Negan will force Rick to choose who dies in the brutal final episode but he may not have to make the choice. A new theory is starting to circulate that claims in the final moments before Negan swings that horrifying bat, Carol might just sacrifice herself. There’s really no character currently in danger that Carol would choose not to save, and she’s at the point in her character arc where a heroic death just might be the best thing for her.

If it came down to Glenn, Maggie or Daryl getting hit with Negan’s bat, there’s a pretty good chance she might beg him to take her instead. There’s a prevailing theory that Negan doesn’t kill women but surely he would make an exception for Carol, who recently outsmarted and then killed her Savior captors. Do you think Carol might jump in front of Negan’s bat on the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead?

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