Arnold Schwarzenegger Storms Out Of Interview When Questioned About Donald Trump, Won’t Talk Trump Politics

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been called a “friend” by businessman and presidential front runner Donald Trump. However, the former California governor is refusing to discuss Trump’s controversial political rhetoric. Instead, Schwarzenegger opted to abruptly end an interview with Australian show Weekend Sunrise when they brought up Trump, despite Schwarzenegger’s team telling them family and politics were off limits. Arnold says he was there to talk “health and fitness,” and that politics were completely off the table. When the reporter refused to follow the instructions and push the former governor about Trump, Schwarzenegger walked out of the interview, refusing to shake the reporter’s hand.

The New York Post reports that former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is adamant about not discussing politics or his family affairs while on tour for his health and fitness business. Schwarzenegger is in Australia doing a series of media events leading up to a series of Arnold-sponsored fitness events, including the Arnold World Strongman Championships. However, it seems that some of the Australian media can’t keep the topics limited to fitness and are pushing the former governor to answer questions about Donald Trump.

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Though the media is pushing, Schwarzenegger is refusing to take the bait and instead chose to walk out of an interview with reporter Angela Cox on Weekend Sunrise after she asked the Arnold about Trump during a pre-recorded interview. Following a barrage of questions about Arnold’s family and controversial presidential candidate Donald Trump, Schwarzenegger had enough of the questioning and prematurely ended the interview by stating, “This is an interview that I only do about fitness and health, not about politics or my relationships.”

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After getting up and walking out of the interview, it was noted that Arnold refused to shake the hand of Cox and instead stormed out of the studio. Arnold’s local publicist thanked the reporter in his wake and proceeded to chase after his client. Arnold’s team says that Cox is new and that she was simply using Schwarzenegger to “make a name” for herself, and that Arnold wasn’t having it.

“The journalist [Cox] was allocated five minutes and we ran over time, so we cut the interview short. I think she’s just trying to make a name for herself. She’s new on the show. Her line of questioning was inappropriate.”

Though Schwarzenegger is remaining mum on Donald Trump for the time being, he has spoke out about Trump in the past. USA Today reported back in July of 2015 that Arnold found the current presidential race “refreshing,” as you have people from both inside and outside of the standard political realm vying for the presidency.

“There’s something very attractive about this race. We have people outside of the arena, outside politics and people from within. People now have a choice. Do they want to go with someone who is a political hack, that is an insider, who is climbing the ladder of politics? Or is it someone who is an outsider, thinking more outside of the box. There’s something very unique and very refreshing about that.”

While Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t come out and attack or praise Trump directly, he at least seemed open to a Trump presidency and giving people the ability to vote for whichever candidate they see most fit. Unlike many politicians, Arnold refused to decry Trump as a non-candidate due to his controversial rhetoric. In fact, Schwarzenegger went so far as to note that Trump would likely make statements that seem “out there” and “hideous.”

“As (Trump) goes on he’s going to say things that are out there and are hideous and that will sometimes hurt the party and hurt himself.”

However, he said that Trump would learn what to say and when and that once the election got closer he would likely tone down his rhetoric for the general election.

“They will understand what they need to say to communicate… And not to say things that maybe are not appropriate.”

As for Trump’s past controversial statements, Arnold says he is not the businessman’s “editor” and is more interested in the “unique” opportunity that this election holds for the people. Though Schwarzenegger and Trump are not discussing politics, they are discussing the upcoming season of “Apprentice.” Arnold is taking Trump’s place on the reality series and Trump sent a series of congratulatory tweets to the former California governor following his acceptance of the position. Arnold responded by stating he was “honored” Trump would tweet about him.

When Arnold isn’t preparing for the “Apprentice” or giving interviews for his fitness company, he is also promoting a number of charities, including the Make A Wish Foundation.

I want you to meet one of the strongest kids I've ever seen. This is Daniel, and I met him through @makeawishamerica.

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What do you think about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s statements that he isn’t going to discuss politics or Trump? Is Arnold simply being a good friend to someone he may not agree with 100 percent on politics?

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