Yolanda Hadid Breaks Down Over Divorce At ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Reunion, Refuses To Talk About It

Despite the intervening months, Yolanda Hadid is still having a difficult time dealing with her divorce from David Foster. During the filming of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion special, host Andy Cohen attempted to learn the true reasons behind their decision to separate. Unfortunately, Hadid refused to talk about her divorce and eventually broke down in tears.

An inside source told Radar Online that Cohen showed a montage of Hadid and Foster during their happier days of marriage. This left Hadid in tears while Cohen continued to question her about the shocking divorce.

“Andy Cohen attempted to get Yolanda to talk about what led to the break-up but she wasn’t having it,” the source explained. “From Yolanda’s viewpoint, this isn’t part of any public discussion or part of the show. This is a very, very sad time for her.”

Fortunately, Hadid’s good friend on the show, Erika Girardi, was quick to ask Cohen to stop and move on to another topic. “Erika is very, very protective of Yolanda and didn’t think it was appropriate that Andy seemed to be digging in,” the source stated.

Yolanda and David Foster [Image via Bravo] Yolanda and David Foster [Image via Bravo]That being said, Hadid did reveal a few of her thoughts on the matter. In particular, she stated that she still loves her ex-husband and lamented the fact that Lyme disease may have been the source behind their break up.

“Yolanda revealed she loves David, and that will never change, but they just could no longer be married,” the insider stated. “[Hadid wondered if] she hadn’t gotten Lyme disease, whether she would still be married. David never really got to married to the healthy, carefree Yolanda, because she got the disease shortly after they were married.”

Yolanda Hadid’s reaction is not all that surprising, especially after The Hollywood Gossip reported that Hadid had come to the reunion willing to fight. What is surprising is Hadid linking her disease with the divorce.

As fans will recall, Hadid’s battle with Lyme disease has been one of the main controversies this season. While some of the cast members have accused Hadid of faking the disease, Hadid remained firm in her stance that she and some of her children fight the disease every day.

Meanwhile, Hadid also expressed her feelings towards Foster’s new girlfriend, Selma Blair. Even though Hadid was surprised that her ex-husband is back in the dating world so quickly, she admitted that she too will get back in the game at some point in the future.

“[Hadid] is absolutely stunned David has already begun dating,” a source told the Radar. “She has vowed she will begin dating, but in the future. She is focusing on her health and kids.”

At this point, it isn’t clear when Hadid will start dating once again. Considering how emotional she got during the reunion, it might be a while before she is at a place to let someone back into her life.

Lisa Rinna [Image via Bravo] Lisa Rinna [Image via Bravo]Considering Hadid’s epic breakdown and revelations about her divorce, fans can expect a lot of drama to unfold in the upcoming reunion special. According to Reality Tea, the drama reached high levels during the reunion, though it wasn’t as bad as last year.

“Overall, the reunion was rough. There were a few walk-offs,” the insider explained. “But it was not as vicious as last season.”

In addition to Hadid’s divorce drama, fans fan expect things to get heated between Kim Richards and Lisa Rinna. Apparently, Richards broke down during the discussion of her sobriety last season, while Rinna offered her an apology by the end of the night.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continues Tuesday nights on Bravo.

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