‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: What Does Tonight’s Death Mean For The Group?

As The Walking Dead heads closer to its highly anticipated and yet dreaded Season 6 finale, during which fans know one of their beloved survivors is going to die, many viewers are scowling the Internet for spoilers. While it hasn’t been confirmed which member of the group will die, Sunday’s all-new episode will also have at least one major death and it is sure to be a sad one. [Warning: Major spoilers below!]

According to The Spoiling Dead Facebook fan page, which is known for being accurate on all their Walking Dead spoilers, Season 6, Episode 14 will mainly focus on two groups of our favorite survivors as they split up to look for supplies.

Abraham and Eugene will make up one group, as they’ll be out by themselves looking for a place to make or get some ammo. They are likely running out after their recent run-ins with The Saviors. While many Walking Dead fans seem to think that Abraham and/or Eugene could both end up dead before the end of the season, others believe it will be a much more beloved character who actually says goodbye in the Season 6 finale at the hands of super villain Negan.

Meanwhile, with Abraham and Eugene out together, Daryl will be leading the way with his own group made up of Abraham’s now ex-girlfriend, Rosita, and Dr. Denise. Daryl and the two women will be out searching for medicine and medial supplies, hence Denise’s presence on the run.

Walking Dead spoilers: Denise Dies in Season 6, Episode 14. [Image via AMC]It is Daryl’s group that will seemingly find themselves in some serious trouble during this episode. According to the latest Walking Dead spoilers, Daryl, Rosita, and Denise will run in to a group of Saviors, which will include Daryl’s old nemesis, Dwight. Viewers may remember that Dwight took Daryl prisoner and stole his motorcycle and crossbow before Daryl managed to escape. So it seems there will be some serious unfinished business between the two men and Daryl will likely be looking to get some revenge on Dwight and the rest of his group.

In the episode, Walking Dead fans will also see that Dwight looks different. The entire left side of his face will be burnt, as comic book fans know his fate in the graphic novels was an iron to his face by Negan as punishment. Viewers are not sure how, but it seems there will be a fight and that Daryl will end up getting his crossbow back (Finally!) but there will be a price to pay for the interaction with The Saviors. Spoilers suggest that one of the group members will get killed and that it might be Dr. Denise. Denise will suffer the same fate that Abraham does in the comic series and have an arrow shot through her head. Since Denise gets Abraham’s comic book death, does that set Abraham up to be the person who gets Negan’s bat, which is Glenn’s comic book death, in the Season 6 finale? Anything is possible on the Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead: Maggie Pregnant [Image via AMC]Now that we know Denise is soon to be dead and gone from The Walking Dead, what will this mean for the group? Denise was a very important member of the gang, and is the only one with any real medical skills. Now that Maggie is pregnant with her and Glenn’s first child, she’ll need someone experienced to help her through the labor and delivery. With Denise gone, it’s possible that she’ll have to rely on the Hilltop gang’s doctor, further strengthening her group’s bond with Jesus’ group. Could this play in to a major story line in Season 7? Perhaps Rick’s group and the Hilltop people will openly fight together against Negan and The Saviors.

What are your thoughts on the latest Walking Dead spoilers and upcoming death?

[Image via AMC]