Todd Palin Update: Plates, Rods, And Chest Drain Aiding In ‘First Dude’s’ Recovery

Todd Palin is still recovering following a very serious snowmobile accident that left him in critical condition. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Todd was admitted to the intensive care unit at a hospital in Alaska after suffering numerous broken bones. Palin was in Florida at the time, campaigning for Donald Trump. Upon getting word about her husband’s accident, Palin canceled her upcoming appearances and flew home a short time later. She has remained by her husband’s side since she arrived back home.

Shortly after the crash, Sarah Palin took to her Facebook page to let everyone know just how serious Todd’s injuries were.

“Todd Palin is in intensive care at an Alaskan hospital with injuries including multiple broken and fractured ribs, broken shoulder blade, broken clavicle, knee/leg injuries; and a collapsed lung. He is presently back in surgery to repair multiple fractures.”

According to CNN, Sarah Palin gave another update on her husband, who recently underwent additional surgery to mend several breaks in his upper body.

Todd Palin update Todd Palin [Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]“Docs essentially lifted and secured every rib with steel bands, anchored the broken clavicle with plates and rods, set aside repair of a broken shoulder for later (also later are more minor things like ACL/MCL knee injuries). Still mechanically inflating one collapsed lung while other bruised lung, liver, etc., are watched; chest drain is working overtime to keep things clear,” Sarah Palin wrote on Facebook.

It sounds like Todd Palin has a long road ahead of him. It is unclear if he will need more surgery, but it sounds like he is not completely out of the woods just yet.

“Requiring a bit more than our usual fix-all up here — Duct tape — some gnarly incisions to enter his innards will be reminders of how life can change in the blink of an eye. (And skating through TSA detectors with bionic parts will now be anything but the blink of an eye!),” Sarah Palin added. She also gave thanks to the folks at Mat-Su Regional Medical Center for their excellent care of her husband over the past week.

Todd Palin update Todd and Sarah Palin [Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images]“We say Mat-Su Regional Hospital is the best place to start life — all our babies are Mat-Su born — and these ER and ICU days show our local medical experts are most outstanding at continuing life, too… by the grace of God. Your care for Todd is more appreciated than I can express. Thank you. And thank you to the still-mysterious snowmachiner(s) [sic] who came upon the wreck and provided critical help that night. I hope to meet you soon!” Sarah concluded.

As far as what may have happened when Todd Palin got into a snowmobile crash, those details have not been shared with the public. Todd Palin is a skilled snowmobile rider, and has taken part in several snowmobile competitions over the years, but accidents can happen.

While things did sound a bit touch and go when Todd’s accident was first reported, Sarah Palin’s update does sound promising. It is unknown how long Todd will remain in the hospital, but he is in excellent care and continues to make progress. It is believed that he will be able to make a full recovery.

Sarah Palin has suspended her “tour” for Donald Trump, but says that she hopes to get back on the campaign trail as soon as Todd is better. Thousands of people have sent their well-wishes via social media for Todd’s speedy recovery.

Sarah Palin will likely post another update on Todd in the coming days.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]