'Witcher 3' Mods Turn 'Wild Hunt' Into A First-Person Hunter, But With Some Problems [Video]

David Cornell

New Witcher 3 mods from a hacker known as Skacikpl are attempting to turn 2015's Game of the Year into a first-person "wild hunt." Of course there have been some problems encountered in the transition, which the hacker himself has explained in detail.

Of course when you think of hackers, you might be picturing some internet lowlife whose sole purpose is to make your PC or Mac experience a pain. Some of them make browser plugins which embed themselves deep in the registry and make common sites like Facebook redirect to obscure sex sites. Others read your key presses and send your credit card information to the program's creator so he or she can ruin your budget by buying more than you can afford.

— WCCFtech (@wccftechdotcom) March 20, 2016

These latest Witcher 3 mods are being made with the hopes of making it more like Far Cry, an open-world adventure from the perspective of the main protagonist. How many times have you wanted to play an American RPG like it was Call of Duty? It's the next best thing to actually going on the quest in real life, and with the latest consoles, games are more lifelike than ever.

Of course, the downside to modding games on PC these days is that they're more complex than ever, and there is a lot more to consider before deciding you're finished with even the simplest changes. Collision detection, light sourcing, weather effects, and especially basic gameplay mechanics can be a headache to deal with. Skacikpl's Witcher 3 mods are facing similar issues, but they appear to be working in general.

One of the most noticeable issues with his Witcher 3 mods is that the camera always has a slight left lean, which he notes is likely due to misalignment on the Yaw axis. Nothing he's tried to do seems to fix it, even hacking the locomotion script. There is also an almost constant flutter in the visuals, especially on non-level surfaces, created by the game appearing to get conflicting bearings at the same time. It gets most noticeable when he says the frame rate drops below 60fps.

This major issue could give the gamer a headache after a while, as the game appears to be shaking during the most mundane tasks. A possible fix that Skacikpl says he hasn't had any luck with yet is the lack of mouse controls to move the camera. Just walking around town can be a jarring experience until he can figure out how to stabilize the camera at least.

Another issue with the Witcher 3 mods in progress is that objects within view of the camera tend to vanish when they get too close, but this isn't as much of an issue until you get into combat or attempt to interact with the environment.

In the video provided, there is some clear popping in of enemy units, and unless your reflexes are up to par, Geralt will most likely die quickly. One second, it appears that there is no one around, and then suddenly they appear and you're forced to take them on in close proximity.

None of this is game-breaking, but turning Wild Hunt into an entirely first person adventure via Witcher 3 mods could easily make some parts more difficult to play.

Do you think there is potential in this fan-made change to 2015's Game of the Year?

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