Jennifer Garner Bounces Back

Jennifer Garner, emerging as an incredibly resilient role model after experiencing the very public repercussions of her divorce, deserves credit for both her actions and efforts. As a result, Jennifer Garner has moved into the spotlight with a new starring role, and of course, her best and most realistic performance. In the drama of real life, her post-divorce accolades and super mom efforts, which demonstrated an unbelievable level of resiliency, provides newly divorced women with an example of a positive role model, according to People.

Jennifer Garner, immediately post-split, threw herself right back into work. This action is an age-old formula for moving on after drama or pain: making yourself busy, and “throwing yourself into things” in order to distract yourself from any depressing thoughts. Still, Jennifer Garner could not expect to completely escape from the face of a very public divorce, simple because of how well-covered her personal life was at that moment by the media.

While making the movie Miracles from Heaven, she attempted to throw herself into the role for the escapism benefits, but unfortunately she experienced some of the worst kinds of news, according to People. The terrible news basically verified what she felt she already knew, while also making the hurtful actions of Ben Affleck public knowledge. The fact that millions of people worldwide now knew that her husband had, in fact, cheated on her, forced her to relive this extremely painful moment in her life.

Co-starring in Miracles from Heaven, Martin Henderson was in awe of Jennifer Garner’s resilience, and admitted that he found her strength and perseverance combined with dedication for her craft an amazing, almost superhero-like, combination of qualities to respect.

“Jen obviously, had a lot of personal stuff going on in her life for her, things were a lot more complicated, so it would have been understandable if she brought a lot of that stuff onto the set. And not once did she ever, and once again I thought that just speaks to her character and how [incredibly focused] and professional she is.”

Now that is a profound example of resilience, respect for her fellow actors, and dedication to her role. Her ability to compartmentalize things kept Jennifer Garner from thinking about the painful divorce, avoiding overwhelming depression and fear.

Many divorcees admit that when recounting stories of past pain from their marriages, they often spark up those depressing, dissatisfied, disappointed feelings again, which is a reason several often request to not discuss the details of their marriage and divorce with others. Even if the story is told, it is presented to a select, small audience that the divorcee approves of. Jennifer Garner’s experiences with her divorce are not even fairly comparable to the non-celebrity divorce. Jennifer Garner got no choice in the release of the story, and certainly could not select her small audience to control the situation and garner support from friends and family.

Millions of people who were absolute strangers knew very delicate information about her personal life. However, Jennifer Garner’s example actually reverberates widely to many as a profoundly positive example of etiquette, respect for others, and job dedication and devotion. She has used the concept of herself as a role model for women to create another starring role for herself, as yet another example for divorced women who have been cheated on, since losing your man to another woman can create a perilous feeling of low self-esteem. She has revamped her style, proving that her looks are still gorgeous after ten years of marriage.

According to the Daily Mail, Jennifer Garner clearly follows one of many women’s classic divorce standards — get yourself looking as amazing as possible again to make him develop a streak of envy for any other man you may pay the slightest attention to, and let it breed into jealousy.

An example of a sophisticated way to get a bit of revenge? Possibly. However, Jennifer Garner’s new evolution in her looks has cemented her into the status of world high class beauty. Knowing that individuals who look good after a divorce also feel good again as the two notions are typically linked, it is nice to observe her while she is doing her very best to bounce back.

[Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]