‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Hayden’s Secrets Unravel, Tracy Gets Good News, Elizabeth Digs, And Laura Uncovers Details About The Key

What can viewers expect from the upcoming week of General Hospital? Spoilers detail that the trial involving Olivia and Mayor Lomax continues, and there is news on the way for Tracy. Elizabeth will be front-and-center during the week of March 21, and there will be shocking news and secrets revealed throughout Port Charles.

As viewers saw on Friday’s show, Carly was shocked to have a health inspector shut down Metro Court. She went to the courthouse and tried to pressure Olivia into bailing on the lawsuit. General Hospital spoilers indicate, however, that Alexis will form another plan. She will look to use Carly in their case. According to We Love Soaps, Carly’s involvement will make a significant difference.

Nina and Maxie have been scrambling to save this new issue of Crimson, determined to figure out who has been sabotaging their efforts. General Hospital spoilers indicate that as they suspect Julian may be responsible, Nina initiates a plan to find out for certain.

Tracy’s health has been a mystery for a bit now, with the possibility of cancer on the table. However, Dr. Munro believes that the truth is something else, and General Hospital spoilers detail that new test results come in during Monday’s episode. It seems that these will bring some potentially good news for Quartermaine, but this situation is far from resolved quite yet.

Dillon will be reaching out to Ned, telling him that he needs to return to Port Charles to be by their mother’s side in the wake of this medical crisis. Wally Kurth will be returning in the role starting at the end of the month. Viewers will have to wait just a bit yet to figure out exactly what is going on with Tracy’s health, but the situation is sure to bring on some fantastic scenes as it is all sorted out.

Helena left an unsettling “gift” for Elizabeth regarding Jake as the Cassadine will was read. General Hospital spoilers detail that Liz will be digging around to figure out what Helena’s cryptic message meant, desperate to ensure that Jake is going to be fine.

Jake himself can’t tell her much about the years he was missing, but Elizabeth thinks she finds a way to find the truth as this week plays out. Viewers know that there are some big things ahead in the coming weeks regarding both Elizabeth and Jake, as Liz will be out of the picture for a brief while soon and Jake is seemingly being recast.

Liz won’t be digging just into the Jake situation, as General Hospital spoilers detail that she will learn Hayden’s secret this week as well. According to Soap Central, Nikolas will be getting some stunning news, but viewers will have to wait and see if this comes from Elizabeth or someone else. Liz isn’t the only one to get some scoop regarding Hayden, as Spinelli uncovers something big as well. According to Soap Opera Spy, the name Naomi Dreyfus will come into the mix as the mystery over Hayden’s past deepens.

Jason and Sam will be embracing the fresh start they are orchestrating for their relationship and there will be some big moments ahead for Kristina. She is struggling with figuring out her sexuality, and Sonny is likely going to find out the truth about Professor Parker soon.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Nina will utilize Curtis in a project this week, surely part of her plan to see if Julian is the one sabotaging Crimson. While Franco has been resistant to the idea of starting a family with her, Nina is said to move ahead on her plans anyway.

Laura is going to learn more about the key Helena left her, and General Hospital spoilers note that Lulu will be helping her mom sort through this Cassadine mystery. Scott is involved in this somehow and teasers indicate a larger mystery lies ahead on this front. There is more with Dr. Griffin on the way this week, and viewers will see Michael Easton’s return to the show in the character of Dr. Marcus Byrne.

What is causing Tracy’s health issues, and can she recover? What comes next for Hayden as she is seemingly backed into a corner? Where are things headed with these mysteries Helena left behind? Viewers can’t wait to see what comes next as the chaos continues on General Hospital.

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