Watch Donald Trump’s Speech To AIPAC Conference Live Online: Full Streaming Video Of Monday’s 4 P.M. ET Speech

Viewers can watch Donald Trump’s speech to the AIPAC Conference live online and see whether the GOP frontunner’s appearance is marred by protest.

The billionaire real estate mogul will be speaking to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) annual policy conference on Monday, with his remarks scheduled for 4 p.m. Live video of Trump’s speech can be found below.

Several Jewish leaders have spoken out against Trump’s appearance, though most have vowed not to disrupt the speech the way some of Trump’s rallies have been interrupted in recent weeks.

The AIPAC speech marks an important moment for Trump’s campaign. After some big wins on Tuesday, he is on the cusp of running away with the Republican race and appears to be pulling party leaders together. Even as some in the Republican Party still hope to stop Trump’s candidacy, some House and Senate Republicans are using the AIPAC speech as a chance to meet with Trump and promote party unity, CBS News reported.

Trump will be meeting with the party leaders before making his AIPAC speech, and the meeting could mark a major shift as the party begins filtering its support to the presumptive nominee.


Those who watch Donald Trump’s speech at AIPAC live online will see what has become a controversial appearance. As CNN reported, several groups of Jewish leaders planned to protest Trump’s appearance, including an outfit known as Come Together Against Hate. A play on the event’s theme of “Come Together,” the group created a website and Facebook group to protest Trump, without disrupting the event itself.

“This is not about policies, this is not about parties, this is about one particular person, Donald Trump, who has encouraged and incited violence at his campaign rallies,” said Rabbis David Paskin, a rabbi in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. “We are against the hatred, the incitement of hatred, the ugliness that has engulfed this political season.”

Paski’s group includes more than 300 Jewish leaders, and many others have joined in condemning Trump as well. The Union for Reform Judaism, which represents the largest Jewish denomination in America, released a statement slamming Trump.

“We know the invitation to candidate Donald Trump was issued in that spirit, and we therefore understand AIPAC’s decision to extend the invitation. Mr. Trump is the unarguable frontrunner for the Republican nomination, and he has not yet spoken clearly about his views on U.S./Israel issues. The AIPAC Policy Conference will give him an opportunity to do so, just as it does for other candidates.”

“At the same time, we cannot ignore the many issues on which Mr. Trump has spoken clearly. His campaign has been replete with naked appeals to bigotry, especially against Hispanics and Muslims. Previous comments he has made – and not disavowed – have been offensive to women, people of color, and other groups. In recent days, increasingly, he appears to have gone out of his way to encourage violence at his campaign events.”

One of those rallies came this weekend, when protesters interrupted his appearance in Arizona, leading one Trump supporter to kick and punch a man who was being led out by security.

Those who watch Donald Trump’s AIPAC speech live online are not likely to see interruptions, as the event is closed to the pubic.

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